Borrow money for winter sports / skiing holiday

Borrow money for winter sports / skiing holiday

Summer is coming to an end and autumn is re-emerging. With me it starts to itch again: the winter sports! The anticipation cannot last long enough for me. So from September on I browse the internet for a good winter sports offer.

Winter sports costs


We all know that a skiing holiday is not free. A snow vacation can even go a long way. Consider the costs for a ski pass, accommodation, travel costs and renting ski equipment.

But also costs for the extras that make a snow holiday so much fun. A nice wienerschnitzel on the slopes or with a drink on the terrace enjoying a sunny winter day. Delicious!

Research from the CBS shows that Dutch people spend an average of € 679 per person for a winter sports holiday. That’s quite a lot. Certainly if you go on a winter sports holiday with a family.

A winter sports holiday is more than worth the money.


But I always try to save where possible. I go in high season myself, so booking in time is a must . But even if you go in the off season, I recommend that you book on time. This way you benefit from good offers.

A few additional tips:

  • Save hotel costs: book a hotel a little further from the slopes.
  • Choose a cheap destination: countries like the Czech Republic and Slovenia are much cheaper than Austria and France. Also always compare the costs of different ski areas.
  • Borrow ski equipment from family or friends.
  • Avoid overinsurance: immerse yourself in your existing travel insurance and see if it is necessary to take out supplementary insurance.

Borrow money


Try to save money throughout the year to pay for your skiing holiday. A specific saving goal always works well and you know exactly how much you can spend. Are you still not successful or are you just short of money? Then you can always borrow money for your vacation.

If you want to take out a winter sports loan, it is best to opt for a Continuous Credit or Personal Loan.


A revolving credit is a flexible loan with which you always have extra money. With a Personal Loan you borrow a specific amount at a fixed interest rate. Consumers with a specific loan objective often opt for a Personal Loan. You can find more information about these loan products under personal loan or revolving credit.

I have now found a nice offer. Now hope for a nice winter with lots of snow, cold and sun. Are you still looking or have you already booked? I wish you a lot of fun with all the anticipation and a great holiday!

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