2022 NFL Draft: Scouting report on Seahawks fourth-round pick Coby Bryant


With the 109th pick in 2022 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks selected cornerback Coby Bryant from Cincinnati. The cornerback was a major need for the Seahawks after top corner DJ Reed left. Sidney Jones awarded 61% completion % and slot corner Justin Coleman allowed a % completion rate of 63.2% when he was with the Miami Dolphins. Rookie Tre Brown has shown promise but is relatively inexperienced as he only played 5 games last season before suffering a season-ending injury. Additionally, Jones, Coleman and new signing Artie Burns are all on one-year contracts.

Hope: Coby Bryant

Games watched: 2021 Indiana, our LadyTemple, Tulane

Measurable: 6 feet 1 – 193 pounds


  • Bryant’s best attribute is his fluid athleticism. He has good game speed which he combines with great catching speed when the ball is in the air. He has very fluid hips that allow him to quickly transition from going up the pitch to returning to the ball.
  • Bryant does a great job of using his hands through the course primarily at the stem to stay in tune with the receiver and keep them from separating too much. He does a great job of mirroring return and curl routes with his hands and athletic fluidity.
  • Bryant has fantastic ball skills as he is able to track the ball through the air like a receiver without missing a step. When defending routes within fifteen yards, he does a great job going in and out to the quarterback, allowing him to play the ball around the receiver without hooking or interfering with them. He has good hands and great concentration, displaying an ability to do over the shoulder grabs.
  • An excellent tackler in both the running and passing game. He is able to knock down bigger backs and receivers with relative ease by wrapping them up and dragging them to the floor. He is able to stack and throw blockers in the run game or on screen as if he were a linebacker, allowing him to impact the game whether through a tackle or in forcing the ball carrier to change direction.
  • Great presence in the locker room since he was captain in Cincinnati during the 2020 and 2021 seasons.
  • Offers some versatility as he mainly played in the corner from the side of the field with Sauce Gardner playing from the boundary side, although he also took several shots in the slot and tight slot where he looked very at comfortable.


  • Bryant has very erratic footwork. There are times when he is able to stay light on his feet, although there are way too many games where he gets on his heels or ends up flat-footed. His feet also constantly cross in the area, impairing his ability to quickly change direction.
  • Coby avoided pressing receivers at the line of scrimmage as he would immediately go into a bail technique when playing down the line. When he plays tight against the line of scrimmage, he starts too often with a narrow base and he runs away too quickly.
  • Bryant gets too straight in zone coverage rather than showing a little flex in his hips and knees. He needs to work to get better depth in the zone, especially in cover 3. There are too many plays where he gets caught between the short and deep route when placed in conflict. He needs to get into his pedal quicker and there are plays where he is slow to react to his surroundings in zone coverage.
  • Takes questionable angles when coming in to tackle, over-committing to where the player is rather than remaining patient and forcing them to show where they are going.

Schematic adjustment

Bryant’s ability to quickly change direction as well as stay in tune with receivers through his use of the hand on the run makes him a good pattern for Clint Hurtt’s defense. Hurtt said Seattle’s defense will have fewer zone defense plays, especially Cover 3, and will instead look to incorporate more man coverage that plays to Bryant’s strengths.

General thoughts

Bryant is a good pick for that spot in the draft. He doesn’t have a particularly high cap due to his lack of length and some other weaknesses in his game. However, he’ll likely be a rotational piece in his rookie year who can play the slot and the outside and has the potential to be a starter in the next two seasons.


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