A deep dive into the Atlanta Hawks’ 2021-22 schedule


After a successful playoff race where the Atlanta Hawks advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals, there is understandably a lot of excitement and anticipation to pick up where they left off.

To that end, the full NBA schedule for 2021-2022 was released on Friday after it was revealed last week that the Hawks would play on Christmas Day for the first time since 1989 at Madison Square Garden.

The outing includes a return to the full 82-game schedule, as well as a reboot in October and the regular season slated to end in April, so with that, let’s break down each month for the Atlanta Hawks.

There’s a lot of downtime between now and the season opener at State Farm Arena, so let’s take a look at the schedule in a bit more detail to see what the Hawks face.

Those who have been around for a while will know how it works: this is (sort of) the fifth scheduling assignment I’ve done here at Peachtree Hoops …

Before going any further, the percentage of opponents projected for a month should be taken with caution: there are always teams that exceed expectations and teams that disappoint (although, in this case, teams a little under. -estimated, such as Knicks being a .500 rated team in Vegas). On top of that, there could still be some trades before the offseason is over, which could change the outlook for some teams.

Having said that, let’s move into the month of October:

Total number of games: 6

Home games: 2

Road games: 4

Back to back : 1

The longest road trip: 3 sets

The longest host family: 1 set

Average percentage of opponent wins (based on Caesars Sportbook over / under totals): 45%

A home start for the Hawks will be a welcome start and it will be packed when Luka Doncic and the Mavs come to visit us (televised nationally on TNT, one of 19 nationally televised games for the Hawks this season).

After that, the majority of the Hawks’ games are on the road – with a home stoppage against Detroit in between – including two tasty games against the New Orleans Pelicans and the Philadelphia 76ers, who will want quick revenge for their exit from the playoffs at the hands of the Hawks in Game 7 in Philly.

Let’s move on to a busy November:

Total number of games: 15

Home games: 8

Road games: 7

Back to back : 4

The longest road trip: 4 sets

Longest homestay stay: 4 sets

Average projected percentage of opponent wins: 51%

The Hawks have some very winnable home games (in theory), like the Magic of Orlando, the OKC Thunder and possibly the Wizards of Washington/Charlotte hornets. There appear to be some really tough road games, including a four-game Western Conference road trip towards the start of the month.

The only solace towards the end of this trip – ending in Denver – is a two-day break between the Jazz game (the first of two games against the Jazz in November) and the Denver game, but it comes from the heels of a brutal Golden State, Utah back to back …

Some notable home games of course, such as the Knicks at home, like Jazz at State Farm Arena (always entertaining) as well as – perhaps most notably – the defending champions, the Milwaukee dollars.

If the Hawks can find success on the road here, there is a good opportunity to come out of November with a really solid record as the schedule definitely loosens in terms of difficulty. A comforting three-day rest period to end the month will also help.

In December :

Total number of games: 15

Home games: 8

Road games: 7

Back to back : 2

The longest road trip: 2 sets

The longest host family: 3 sets

Average percentage of opponent wins: 46%

Aside from two games against the 76ers and one game against the Nets (also on ESPN) – and a tasty game against the Knicks at MSG – there are plenty of winnable games in December for the Hawks here, like the Rockets, two games. against the Orlando Magic and two games against the Cavaliers.

A round trip against the Bulls will be interesting before a good opportunity to end 2021 in style against the Cavaliers on the road. Four road games out of the last five to end the month will present its challenges but also many opportunities.

In the new year:

Total number of games: 15

Home games: 9

Road games: 6

Back to back : 2

The longest road trip: 4 sets

The longest host family: 4 sets

Average percentage of opponent wins: 53%

It looks like a tough month for the Hawks. A four-game road trip in the Western Conference to start, two games against the the Los Angeles Lakers, three games against the Miami heat and a home game against the Milwaukee Bucks for the Hawks’ annual MLK Day game (live on TNT).

However, once the Hawks negotiate the start of the month on the road, they have a largely packed home schedule: eight out of nine home games after Jan. 14. It might not be enough to alleviate a busy schedule in terms of difficulty but it can’t hurt.

For the shortened month of February:

Total number of games: 11

Home games: 6

Road games: 5

Back to back : 2

The longest road trip: 2 sets

Longest homestay stay: 2 sets

Percentage of projected average gain: 46%

The month starts off right: one of February’s three games against the Toronto Raptors, two taking place before the All-Star break. Before this break, tough matches on the road against the Celtics (ABC) and Mavericks (ESPN) loom as well as a home game against the Phoenix Suns.

Despite that, some very winnable games for the Hawks in February as well, including the last game before the break in Orlando, as well as home games against the Cavaliers and Spurs.

Then, March:

Total number of games: 15

Home games: 6

Road games: 9

Back to back : 2

The longest trip by car: 4 sets

The longest host family: 3 sets

Average percentage of opponent wins: 47%

A possibly busier schedule on the road in March – including four to start the month. A mixture of games to be won (two games against the Detroit Pistons, and the Thunder) but also tough road games in Milwaukee (ESPN), Boston and New York (TNT).

A home game against the Golden State Warriors late in the month promises to be a lot of fun as the Hawks turn to zero on their playoff seed.

Finally, until April:

Total number of games: 5

Home games: 2

Road games: 3

Back to back : 1

The longest road trip: 2 sets

Longest homestay stay: 1 set (x2)

Percentage of projected average gain: 48%

A few spots up for grabs to close out the season, but this Brooklyn game and, perhaps more so, this Miami road game will be of the greatest intrigue as the ranking battle may be at its peak.

Overall, I have certainly seen worse schedules for the Atlanta Hawks. No crazy seven-game road trip this season for the Hawks, their longest road trip coming in the form of two four-game road trips in the West. As for their longest stay at home, it comes in late January and February, lasting six games.

January and March appear to be the toughest months of the season for the Hawks (March all the more so for the number of road games) which should give the Hawks a better start than last season, and with Nate McMillan in the bar from the start. go this time in the season where there is a lot of continuity because almost all the main members of the roster (pending possible exchanges) are coming back unlike last season where the Hawks had to integrate major pieces like Bogdan Bogdanovic, Clint Capela and Danilo Gallinari in the fold, as well as going through a mid-season coach change.

There is a lot of optimism for the Hawks on many different fronts as the new season approaches and the start of this schedule may help add to that too as the Hawks look to return to the playoffs and make their mark. travel a few steps further. .

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