A look at how professional athletes adapt to their golf equipment.


Have you ever wondered why so many professional athletes fall in love with golf? The obvious reason is that it’s great fun to play. Second, we believe golf is a dynamic way to stay competitive without putting your body at risk between games or during the offseason. We’d probably go so far as to say that football, basketball, hockey, and baseball coaches view golf as a way for their athletes to harness their emotional strength and hone their hand-eye coordination. There again, without fear of seeing their star players twist their ankles falling from a jet-ski or breaking their wrists while downhill skiing. So, in that sense, golf is a pretty docile and safe sport for professional athletes.

Recently, we caught up with New England Patriots star receiver and new golf enthusiast, Jakobi Meyers, to not only get a glimpse of how his game has improved, but also to see if there are any measurable differences in the way an elite athlete goes through clubfitting versus how we mere mortals do. And spoiler alert: the system is the same, except it’s much more entertaining to watch Jakobi hit bombs from 320 yards while wearing Birkenstocks and spilling tea on what it’s like to play football with Tom Brady.

Check it out below:


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