Aggies vs. Alabama is a game of trap for the tide


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With a handful of replacements on hand for the Alabama soccer team, it looked like this could be the year a team finally overtakes Nick Saban’s team in the SEC, Texas soccer team. A&M looking like the main challenger.

Last year, the Aggies lost just one game in an early season game with the Crimson Tide. Granted, they were blown away, but Alabama blasted virtually every team on their 2020 schedule, A&M was right in the way.

But the Tide lost a lot of talent after this season.

As a result, the Texas A&M football team, coming out of a 9-1 season, looked like a team that could potentially topple Alabama. Now it looks like it might not happen.

Texas A&M football team has taken a step back, now positioning it as a potential trap game for Alabama

Of course, it’s not the 50-50 shot of a game we originally thought would be against Alabama, but the Texas A&M football team has a better chance than most people. give them some. Let me explain.

On the surface, Alabama seems like a much better team than Texas A&M. Heck, the Crimson Tide looks like a much better team than anyone not called the Georgia Bulldogs, a team that isn’t on their regular season schedule. The Tide leads the Aggies in full attack and full defense; points for and points allowed.

You’d be hard pressed to find a category where A&M leads’ Bama – although that’s not really the point I’m trying to make here.

The point I’m trying to make is that Texas A&M has the odds against them. While Aggie fans would have liked to come into this game 5-0, 3-2 gives them a whole different strength against Tide.

That strength comes in the form of having absolutely nothing to lose in this mid-season game.

Rather than the nerves you’d expect in a game like this, the Aggies will fight a battle that pretty much everyone has counted them on. Alabama, on the other hand, will fight to maintain an undefeated record in a year where they don’t seem as dominant as they have in previous seasons.

Again, I can’t offer statistics to support the fact that Texas A&M can beat the tide, but the scene is unmistakably in Texas A&M’s favor.

A&M will have their home crowd behind their backs, and while they continue to play without starting quarterback Haynes King, it’s a game Jimbo Fisher will want to win. At the very least, the Aggies can scare the tide.

The Aggies’ pass defense isn’t as good as we originally thought, but after giving up a lot of yards (408) in the air against Mississippi State, it can be part of the defense of Texas A&M that the Tide overlooks.

“Bama has already knocked out three ranked teams this year and they’ll probably be waiting for their game against a Mississippi State team that beat the Texas A&M football team. I’m not saying you should expect A&M to win, but they’ll be motivated to give Alabama the fight of a lifetime at Kyle Field.

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