Anthony Miller regrets throwing his hands up and being kicked out of a playoff game, but is finally ready to get serious


Sometimes breakups are good. And when it comes to trading Anthony Miller’s Chicago Bears to the Houston Texans, I feel like it’s one of those splits that can be mutually beneficial for all parties. The Bears benefit from an improvement in their draft capital. Meanwhile, the Texans are getting a receiver with a unique perspective pedigree and huge potential. And finally, Miller has the opportunity to reunite in a new location.

And for the fans, we can have peace of mind now that Miller is showing remorse for his actions:

Reading the tweet above cuts so many different ways. For starters, offering a mea culpa is a sign of maturity for a player we last saw getting kicked out of a playoff game because he couldn’t keep his hands to himself – even after being cautioned by coaches before the game. Second, it’s good to read that Miller looks set to take things more seriously this year. The development of a player can be a wonderful thing to watch.

And then there is this too little, too late feel that I can’t escape. Why couldn’t Miller have this mindset for a year without a contract? Where was this new discipline in a game weeks after seeing a teammate get thrown out for doing exactly what he did? That it takes a trade and a year of contract for Miller to stand up and fly right bothers me more than he should. But here we are.

Ultimately, the clean slate is good for all parties. Especially after Miller recognized “Tension” between himself, the coaching staff and the front office. We hope that in the future, everyone involved can be happy with how things turned out after things are over. Even though the way things ended stank for everyone involved.

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