Ark, Dead by Daylight, Rust, and War Thunder to support Valve’s Steam Deck


Valve’s $ 400 Steam Deck handheld runs Linux, but it can also play Windows games. A lot, anyway! Some of the biggest games on Steam use anti-cheat software that doesn’t work well with Proton compatibility layer that allows Windows games to run. That is changing this year, with Epic’s Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) and BattlEye confirming to The edge that support is on the way, and Epic says it only takes “a few clicks.”

But will game developers patch their games to take advantage of it? Not necessarily! We’ve reached out to all the developers of all the top EAC and BattlEye games on Steam. While four of them gave us a definite yes, the rest were less committed.

Here’s what they all had to say.

7 days to die – No comment

“We have no comment on this at this time. Our game is still in development. As we are still in Alpha, we are not ready to give a definitive yes or no at this time, ”said a spokesperson for developer The Fun Pimps. The edge.

Apex Legends – No answer yet

“We are checking with the Respawn team on this and will get back to you as soon as we have an update,” a representative said. The edge September 28.

Ark: survival has evolved – Yes I do

“Yes, we are planning to update the ARK settings to enable Battleye’s anti-cheat setting for Steam Deck,” said a representative from Studio Wildcard. The edge.

Black desert – No answer yet

“I’m checking with our developers right now and will get back to you as soon as possible,” said a representative from Pearl Abyss. The edge the 3rd of October.

DayZ – May be

“At this point it’s a ‘maybe’ for us – we’re still evaluating Proton as a whole and can’t commit to anything yet,” said a representative from Bohemia Interactive. The edge.

Death by the light of day – Yes I do

“I can confirm that we intend to update our CAE to support the Steamdeck in the future,” said a representative from Behavior Interactive. The edge.

Destiny 2 – No answer yet

“We tried to reduce that. We have nothing to share at this time, today, but we will continue, ”said a representative from Bungie. The edge the 3rd of October.

fall guys – No comment

Even though it is owned by Epic Games, the company stating that EAC support should take “just a few clicks”, Mediatonic would not commit to an update for fall guys.

“Thank you for contacting us, but at this time we will not comment,” said a representative from Mediatonic. The edge.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection – No comment

“I won’t have anything to share here, I’m afraid,” said a Microsoft representative. The edge.

Hunting: Confrontation – No answer

Crytek did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

Paladins and Hit – Maybe, but not this year

“We currently do not have a schedule available, but we hope to provide such assistance in the near future,” said a representative from Hi-Rez Studios. The edge, add:

While we’ve been actively researching the topic, this support is unlikely to happen by the time Steamdeck launches in December. Even though our games share some similarities, each of them requires its own implementation which is significantly more delicate than changing certain settings in the SDK. Hi-Rez is proud to have its games available on multiple platforms and consoles, so we hope to be able to provide such support in the near future.

PUBG – No comment

“The team has no comment on this,” said a representative for Krafton. The edge.

Rainbow Six: Siege – No comment

“We have nothing to share at this time,” said a representative from Ubisoft. The edge.

Rust – Yes I do

“Yes, we are working on it. Hoping to be finished by the time the Deck is released, otherwise it will be very soon after, ”said Garry Newman, Founder of Facepunch Studios. The edge.

Thunder of war – Yes I do

“Yes, we plan to do everything we can to make sure War Thunder runs on Steam Deck,” said Anton Yudinsev, co-founder of Gaijin Entertainment. The edge.

We’ll update this story as more and more top games are offering a yes or no to anti-cheat support on Linux / Proton in general, and the Steam Deck in particular.

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