Baazi Games is creating a sensation in hyper-casual gaming with Baazi Mobile Gaming


Baazi Games has further diversified its portfolio with the addition of Baazi Mobile Gaming (BMG) – an end-to-end social interactive gaming application. Launched with the aim of creating a community of users with the right combination of cognitive, problem-solving and risk-taking skills called ‘Baazigars’, the app will focus on games ranging from testing eye-coordination skills to hand, memory and problem-solving skills of the individual.

Built from the ground up with its in-house technology, BMG intends to reach an audience of different age groups, socio-economic groups and cities with a particular focus on Tier 2 and 3 cities, discovering the potential latent of ‘Bharath’. BMG aims to keep the game inventory dynamic with a touch of Indian element to all of its games, avoiding user monopoly. BMG will also run tournaments in various game genres with entry fees as low as INR 1.

The platform offers games such as Bottle Shoot, Knife Hit, Stud Rider, City Cricket, Ninja Action 2, and Fruit Chop, among others. Besides having casual games on the app, it will also support high skill games like poker, fantasy, rummy et al. In sync with the parent group policy, BMG will only include skill game through this app and refrain from promoting games that are in the realm of luck or gambling.

Speaking on the launch of BMG, Mohit Pandita, Head of Business Intelligence at Baazi Games, said: “Baazi Games has always relied on innovation to create its products. Our in-house technology team has been a key driver for our business and BMG is just a reflection of the same. I firmly believe that everyone should be able to capitalize on their skills, no matter how niche, specific or unique they are. Through BMG, our intention is to create the perfect amalgamation of casual games and real money games. The app will follow a user-centric approach and leverage Baazi’s USP to be a “trust” driven brand.

He also added, “We want to convey to our users that real money skill-based gambling is all about one’s skills and how well you master them over time. We are focused on spreading the same message in all of our communication flows with our slogan “Lagao Skills ki Baazi” and on raising awareness of the skills needed to play. ”The app will be promoted with a digital first approach to reach a wider audience and will be supported by initiatives based on physical events throughout the year.

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