Bedfordshire Pub Railway “may be the last of its kind in Britain”


This is a very short train ride through Bedfordshire which may be the only surviving miniature railway in the country.

The volunteers who run the railroad at the Fancott pub in the village near Luton have kept it going despite the tourist attraction shutting down during the pandemic.

They had operated reliable passenger services on the line for more than 45 years until Covid significantly disrupted schedules.

The Fancott Mini Railroad runs at five miles an hour around the pub garden in Bedfordshire Credit: ITV News Anglia

Ron Stanbridge, president of the Fancott Miniature Railway, said the heritage railway was unique.

He told ITV News Anglia: “Originally there were two other model railroads in Bedfordshire, but they were long gone and they were in pubs.

“We are fundamentally the oldest and possibly the very last public garden railway in the UK. “

There has been a miniature railway at the back of the Fancott pub since 1975.

The Fancott near Luton is home to what is believed to be Britain’s last miniature pub railway Credit: ITV News Anglia

Passengers pay £ 2 each for a three-quarter mile tour of the track, traveling at a leisurely speed of around five miles an hour.

At the front, behind the wheel of the train, is one of the railroad’s youngest volunteers, 18-year-old Stevie Nicholson.

He said: “I’m just interested in transportation, but mostly railways. Finally, I want to work on large rail tracks. So it’s pretty fun to come here because I drive the trains. “

The Fancott Miniature Railway is now keen to find more volunteers and needs to raise funds to maintain the site.

Volunteer driver Stevie Nicholson (18) also wants to work on large rail tracks Credit: ITV News Anglia

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