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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia is making strides in getting more people vaccinated, and now that includes young children as well. CDC officials said the mini doses of the vaccine for children could prevent up to 600,000 new cases by next March.

The race is therefore on by the vaccine suppliers to get the mini-injections – in the mini-arms. It became fully operational Thursday morning at the Kidvaxx clinic hosted by the Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium.

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Eight-year-old twins Charlie and Leo Sutton received their COVID-19 injections at the same time, while holding hands.

After losing loved ones to the virus, their mother was moved to think of the rest.

“They lost a lot. It’s time to get back to things, ”she told CBS3.

The Dr. Ala Stanford Center for Health Equity officially puts bullets in the arms of children. With more than 8,000 children hospitalized nationwide with COVID, pediatrician Dr Ala Stanford has warned of the side effects of COVID infection.

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“Sometimes they have trouble concentrating, a lot of college athletes have hand eye coordination issues. Much of this work is done at Boston’s Children [Hospital], and we don’t know how long it’s going to last, ”she told Eyewitness News.

Of the thousands of children infected in the country, 173 die of complications. Children of color represent a large percentage of those lost. Dr Stanford stressed the importance of immunizing children, saying anyone who is unvaccinated is more vulnerable.

“This gives the virus the ability to replicate itself or become more potent or more dangerous in unvaccinated individuals,” Dr. Stanford explained.

Philadelphia recently gained national attention for overcoming COVID disparities, and now the Center for Health Equity is going above and beyond to vaccinate as many children as possible, making the experience thrilling.

“We have music for them. They can watch small videos. Being distracted definitely helps, ”Dr. Stanford said.

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Vaccines are given by appointment and the BDCC is holding another vaccination clinic for children on Saturday.


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