“Come on man, shut up! “



On Monday, Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer asked national press secretary for the Trump campaign, Hogan Gidley, if the president had been “emasculated” by the loss of his access to Twitter. Gidley’s response? “I wouldn’t say emasculated,” Gidley said. “The most masculine person to ever occupy the White House is the President of the United States. “

At CNN tonight On Monday, Don Lemon had some thoughts for Gidley. “Come on, man, shut up. Shut your mouth! (Trump) is the biggest snowflake of all, the biggest, ”he said.

To Gidley, who served as a senior assistant. White House press secretary before moving the re-election campaign, Lemon asked “why do you pamper his feelings all the time?” Who is the snowflake now?

Noting that President Trump, since his defeat to President-elect Joe Biden, had focused all his time not on the raging pandemic, but on complaining that he had been “cheated” and working for it. overturn the elections. “The legacy of the president,” said Lemon, “will not be the most masculine president, but the biggest loser we’ve ever had as president. Maybe that should have been the name of her show instead of The apprentice: The biggest loser. “



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