Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Hands-On


GameSpot’s Phil Hornshaw got a chance to get hands-on with Crisis Core: Final Fantasy Reunion at a Square Enix event, where he got to check out how the updated graphics and gameplay felt.

Final Fantasy VII Remake has set the bar high for bringing a classic game to life, both telling the story of the original game and changing it in key ways to create something new. Crisis Core is a prequel to the original FFVII, but despite its ties to the revised FFVII Remake story, producer Mariko Sato previously told GameSpot that Reunion closely follows the original Crisis Core story. This is also what we saw in the demo – Crisis Core Reunion’s story and cutscenes look extremely similar to the original game. The main changes and improvements concern the Reunion combat.

Crisis Core keeps all of its combat in real time – using your special abilities, magic spells, or healing items is done by pressing different button combinations, and there’s no interruption in gameplay. action like in FFVII Remake. With Crisis Core Reunion, however, it’s clear that movement, melee combat, and camera systems have been ironed out, making the fight feel like a Crisis Core spin on FFVII Remake. .

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is scheduled for release on December 13, 2022.


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