Crisis Protocol reveals Nick Fury’s abilities and shows grunt rules


Atomic Mass Games has provided players with their first look at Nick Fury Jr’s abilities in Marvel: Crisis Protocol, as well as showing how Grunts will work in-game. Earlier this month, Atomic Mass Games revealed that they would be adding a new type of figure to Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Grunts, which are generic characters summoned by specific characters. Atomic Mass Games recently revealed additional details about this new mechanic when it showed off Nick Fury Jr.’s character card, who will be able to summon a group of SHIELD agents to the battlefield.

Fury comes with two different basic attacks that generate power – the ranged Fury Special and the melee tactical knife. Both attacks inflict Pierce damage on a Wild roll, while the Tactical Knife attack can also inflict Bleed. Fury’s other abilities involve all Agents of SHIELD miniatures – Fury can summon Agents of SHIELD for 2 power, and they can re-roll an attack or defense die whenever he is near them, and he also gains power whenever Agents of SHIELD take or deal damage. .

Perhaps the most impressive ability is Fury’s Lead From the Front attack, which has a strength of 7 at a cost of 3 energy. If Agents of SHIELD are close to Fury, they can also move forward and attack with their pistols.

Nick Fury Jr. will be the leader of the new SHIELD affiliation, with a leadership ability that gives his player victory points the first time each turn an allied character is stunned or knocked out, or allows him to close in on a an opponent’s character each time it takes damage from an attack.

(Photo: Atomic Mass Games)

As for the Agents of SHIELD themselves, they serve as Marvel: Crisis Protocol equivalent to hot bodies with some minor strategic uses. Agents of SHIELD can interact with certain asset tokens when summoned, allowing them to immediately progress towards certain objectives. SHIELD agents also don’t have to pay power to interact with civilians or resources. And while Agents of SHIELD don’t have much health, Fury can summon another group of Agents immediately if they’re taken out of play.

Nick Fury Jr. and SHIELD Agents Character Packs will be released in Q1 2022 for Marvel: crisis protocol.


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