Draymond Green Responds to Colin Cowherd’s Embarrassing Warriors Prediction From 2021


When the Warriors won 15 games two seasons ago behind the departure of Kevin Durant and the injuries of Klay Thompson, many felt Golden State’s saving grace was solely in the hands of Steph Curry and Draymond Green.

But when Curry missed a lot of time with a hand injury that played a role in the dismal 15-win 2019-20 season, some felt Curry would never appear in another NBA Finals while still staying at Golden State. The team that had been the league’s juggernaut for half a decade was over. Among those who believed it was Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports.

Hours after the Warriors’ 120-110 win over the Mavericks to advance to the 2022 NBA Finals on Thursday, Warriors forward Draymond Green made sure to set the record straight on the franchise’s previous take by Cowherd on his podcast, The Draymond Green Show. Green said everyone in the sport thinks the way Cowherd does.

“We won 15 games two years ago,” Green said on his podcast. “I felt that, I’ve been there. So this one just feels a little different.

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Cowherd has previously stated on his show, The Herd with Colin Cowherdthat the Warriors could get an ‘All-Star or two for him [Curry]and several draft picks. At the time, the contracts between Thompson, Green, Wiggins and Curry totaled $139 million. Cowherd’s thoughts on Golden State: “You gotta blow this team up, it’s over.”

Beck: Reign of Warriors is not over yet

The Warriors have proven that their reign among the elite of the NBA is not over yet. Curry was named Magic Johnson’s first Western Conference Finals MVP in the Warriors Series in the Western Conference Finals. And for Green, seeing Curry and Thompson get back together at this point after all the adversity was all the franchise needed.

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