Falcons Player of the Week 2: it’s RB Cordarrelle Patterson again



No, you’re not reading the same article that was written last week highlighting RB Cordarrelle Patterson as Player of the Week against the Eagles. For the second consecutive opening game of the season, Patterson was the best player on the pitch – this time against the defender. super bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

At the time, it was a bit of a surprise to some when the Falcons gave Cordarrelle Patterson a one-year, $ 3 million contract at a point in the offseason when the team needed to erase some pounds just. to afford his next draft class. .

The Tennessee alum is one of the best kicking returnees in NFL history, having been elected to the first team All-Pro selection four times in his career, including each from the previous two seasons in Chicago. That in itself was certainly worth the $ 3 million, in an effort to revitalize Atlanta’s rematch that has been non-existent for most of a decade.

Patterson has cultivated a great career watching only his special teams contributions, but he didn’t make much noise outside of that despite being selected as the first round in 2013 – he totaled 627 yards of scrimmage on his rookie season, which is still a career high.

Patterson underwent a small makeover in the second half of his career, moving more into a running back role after being drafted as a wide receiver. It started in New England when he received 42 litters in 2018, which almost matched the 44 litters he had combined in the first five years of his career.

He was used sparingly in Chicago during the 2019 season (28 touches in total) before being propelled into the role of RB substitute behind David Montgomery last season, after Tarik Cohen suffered an ACL injury early on. of the season. Patterson hit a career high of 64 races in the role, but was little more than an element of depth for a team that gave Montgomery as many touches as he could handle after Cohen’s injury.

As we’ve seen in the first two weeks of the season, Arthur Smith had bigger plans for Patterson than just using him as a turner and depth piece. This was hinted at when the team entered the season with three running backs on the roster (Patterson being one of them), and after making the third RB – Wayne Gallman – a healthy scratch in each. of the first two games.

In week 2, Cordarrelle Patterson scored two touchdowns – one on the ground and one on reception – and he had a very good 69 yards scrimmage. He also came within inches of scoring a third touchdown, but his toe barely grazed the off-bounds line on what would have been a long score grab and run.

Patterson registered only four touches less than RB Mike Davis (12-16) and he was able to do more with them, especially by proving his efficiency in the red zone where he appeared. I would be very worried if I owned Davis in fantasy football at present.

Going back to his days at the University of Tennessee, it’s always been clear that Cordarrelle Patterson is a dynamic playmaker whenever the ball is in his hands. The problem is, the NFL coaches didn’t do the best job of getting the ball back into their hands outside of the second leg, and for a while they gave up on that drill altogether.

Arthur Smith knows what he’s got, however, and he’s already taken steps to unlock Patterson’s prowess as a dynamo in the game. After two games, CP is poised to beat its career highs at the both in receptions and litters.

This $ 3 million contract seemed fair for Cordarrelle Patterson the comeback. It could turn into a good deal for Cordarrelle Patterson, the turner and playmaker.



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