Final scores from players across Ireland: Morgan, Sludden and McCurry shine as Red Hand reigns supreme


Here’s how Tyrone and Mayo ranked after a spectacular SFC All-Ireland final at Croke Park.


Niall Morgan 8

Missed his very first kick when he didn’t pass the 20m line, but opened his account soon after as he also made a good save from Bryan Walsh in the first quarter. Showed brilliant vision to create the McCurry goal chance.

Michael McKernan 7

McKernan won’t do a lot of highlight reels but is as reliable as it gets. Part of Tyrone’s defensive effort that seems to be going through turnovers and blocks.

Ronan McNamee 8

There have been a few famous blocks in Tyrone’s football history, but the one he performed on Aidan O’Shea was a textbook. A brilliant leader capable of accomplishing a number of tasks.

Padraig Hampsey 8

Was on Tommy Conroy from the start and young Mayo grabbed the first point of the game before Hampsey delivered his own beauty. Capped a great performance lifting Sam Maguire

Frank Burns 6

Has been more central in the big games for Tyrone, but he’s another happy to get his hands dirty and dig if necessary. Perhaps cut short by its yellow.

Peter Harte 7

It wasn’t his most influential game for Tyrone, but he produced some great moments nonetheless, including his brilliant late-game mark and a fingertip interception when a pass from Aidan O’Shea threatened to create a goal.

Kieran McGeary 7

Lucky not to pick up a yellow for a foul on O’Hora just before half-time, but dominated a beautiful point with a performance to cap off a great season.

Brian Kennedy 6

I had the pleasure of Matthew Ruane’s company for much of the afternoon and did a lot of shovel work as Tyrone edged out the midfield battle.

Conn Kilpatrick 7

Another who avoided the sandy stuff in the middle third. His grip on establishing McCurry’s goal was a thing of the past.

Conor Meyler 7

Meyler and Paddy Durcan had the potential to be one of the most fascinating games on the pitch considering the skills of the two, but it didn’t really kick in.

Michael O’Neill 7

One of Tyrone’s less conspicuous performers but efficient in possession and intelligent in position, he is a crucial cog in the machine Tyrone has built.

Niall Sludden 8

Made a brilliant block on the goal line in the first half where he also scored two points in a performance full of energy and dynamism. Not as good on reboot but still crucial

Darren McCurry 8

Padraig O’Hora seemed to gain the upper hand in their duel from the start, but grew in the game and pulled a few fouls which he converted. He will feel like he should have taken more advantage of his scoring chance in the first half, but rewarded management’s confidence with a solid second half and season.

Mattie Donnelly 6

Was followed by Stephen Coen and struggled to get into the game until he scored a point on the half hour, but Coen responded with one of his own. A surprise withdrawal.

Conor McKenna 7

Was seen protesting with referee Joe McQuillan with Lee Keegan delivering one of his now iconic performances but still produced some great moments including creating the second goal.


Cathal McShane for Donnelly (44), D Canavan for O’Neill (53), B McDonnell for Kennedy (57), P Donaghy for McKenna (66), T McCann for Kilpatrick (73)

The general pre-game consensus seemed to be that Tyrone’s bench looked more powerful and it turned out. McShane scored a very clever one-shot goal while Darragh Canavan brought in the “fizz” Feargal Logan referred to previously.


Rob hennelly 7

A mixed day with balls placed but a good save by McCurry who would have seen Tyrone take a five point lead. Still, an all too familiar ending for Hennelly.

Padraig O’Hora 6

Did not deliver the highs of his performance against Dublin and struggled a bit with Darren McCurry as the first half progressed. Drove forward to earn frees several times.

Lee Keegan 8

Born for the big day, Keegan delivered another of his now famous man tagging jobs. Conor McKenna struggled with the level of attention early before it was needed elsewhere. Did more than anyone to try to revive Mayo after the second goal.

Michael plunkett 6

Mayo was struggling to start in a number of areas, but it was Plunkett who was pulled at half-time for Enda Hession.

Patrick Durcan 7

Stole forward for a usual point in the first half, but was mostly busy trying to curb Tyrone’s own striker’s influence on Conor Meyler.

Stephen Coen 8

Coen’s Manful Stuff had a strong performance, particularly in the first half, following Mattie Donnelly. I also scored a point. One of the best performers of Mayo.

Oisin Mullin 7

No wonder he was included from the start and picked different players at different stages, but he couldn’t provide the drive Mayo so badly needed.

Matthew Ruane 5

Was setting up an industrious shift before taking on a silly red late. However, his dismissal did not affect the end result.

Conor Loftus 6

Another who put a solid shift without ever being able to bend the game to his liking. One of the few Mayo players who saw the goal but failed to convert.

Diarmuid O’Connor 6

One of the team’s seasoned players, O’Connor made a solid turn but couldn’t stop the game from moving away from him and Mayo.

Aidan O’Shea 6

For better or worse, O’Shea is the lightning rod for all things Mayo. Had his moments but missed a point chance in the first half and was denied a goal by a brilliant block from Ronan McNamee.

Bryan Walsh 6

Walsh’s effort and effort abound, but in general, Mayo’s middle third has been eclipsed by Tyrone’s effort.

Kevin McLoughlin 6

Normally so crucial to putting the Mayo game together, Tyrone had done his homework on him. Took a point but was retired late

Tommy Conroy 7

It was a hat trick to young Neale that he had Paudie Hampsey for company for long periods of time. Never stopped trying and got two points. Will improve over time.

Ryan O’Donoghue 6

A solid day of free play as he also delivered a game. Like many of his teammates needed a little more composure in front of goal. Saw his penalty on the wrong side of the post at a crucial moment.


Enda Hession for Plunkett (ht), J Flynn for O’Hora (53), D Coen for Walsh (59), A Orme for Loftus (66), J Carr for McLoughlin 74

Mayo’s bench brought new momentum and energy against Dublin, but they couldn’t do it this time around with Tyrone finding much more in his replacements.

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