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Silver Lining Pawn Shop has been around for decades

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – For many of us, it will be a different holiday season this year. Many big celebrations have been put aside and many people who were laid off this year could be a bit strapped for cash – this is where a longtime Portland company wants to help.

The Jewelry and silver lining loan The pawnshop has been in business on Northeast Sandy Boulevard and Northeast 21st Avenue for decades. It’s a resource in many ways for people who need to raise money without the formality of a bank loan – and a great place to grab some great bargains on things for the holidays. It’s the ultimate community resource, according to the owners of the business – a short-term money lender, a place to liquidate valuables for cash, and a great place to shop for last-minute gifts at prices lower than retail prices.

The thrill for Josh Oller of Silver Lining is this: There are always new surprise merchandise coming in.

“Playstations and electronics, video games and cameras, then all of a sudden we get people with vintage toys that take us back to our childhoods,” Oller said.

Most people take out short term loans against property. A large majority repay loans and collect their business at rates regulated by the state. That said, Josh is the bread and butter of the pawnshop, tailor-made for people who don’t have the time or the credit to get a bank loan.

Your loan is based solely on the value of what you bring. But, there are others who just want money in exchange for things like jewelry, bikes, power tools, exotic guitars – even a bust of Winston Churchill with a stogy stuck in his mouth.

The prices of all products are much lower than usual retail prices.

“I don’t make three, four, five times my money on them – I move them,” explained Oller. “Get people great deals and then we turn around and lend that money to other people who need it. “

Oller says it is one of the most regulated businesses because consumer laws are in place to regulate the amount pawn shops can charge in interest and fees. This makes it a great place to get cash loans on the spot if you bring anything of value – and of course, a great place for cheap gift ideas.

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