Free apps for Android and iOS: get these Pro versions for free!


If you want to change things up on your smartphone, we’re proudly bringing you a full list of options this Tuesday. We have specially selected apps and games for Android phones and iPhones that are available for free for a limited time only! Let us show you how to get your hands on those precious app downloads without having to drain your bank account.

Indeed, the Google Play Store and Apple App Store regularly offer discounts and promotions where you can get paid apps for free but for a limited time.

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We have collected these free apps and listed them for you, unlike our top five apps of the week list, we will not install all the apps listed below, where some of the apps in this list are also paid. However, proceed with some caution, as some of them may require microtransactions to help you progress further in the game.

What are the highlights of NextPit in this list? I guess if you need a pick-me-up when the world is crashing down on you, then Best U might be worth checking out because this app is like a portable, positive friend.

Point: Want to keep the app free for the future, but don’t need it right now? Just download and install it once, and uninstall it if you need space. This way, it will always be added and kept in your list of purchased apps, and you can download it again for free in the future once you need it.

Free apps for your Android phone

These apps are free in the Google Play Store

  • GFX Pro Tool ($0.49): This app will target those who spend a lot of time gaming on their smartphones, allowing you to enable HDR graphics, view FPS and adjust resolution while offering custom reticle designs.
  • High-end camera ($3.99): This application does not contain any advertisements and is compatible with various mobile and portable devices. You can even create unique shots with a green screen background, and the built-in timer lets you take interval shots for more creative shots.
  • Battery Widget ($0.99): Tired of your standard battery gauge displayed on your smartphone? Then this app will step things up a bit with a highly customizable method of showing remaining battery life.
  • Unit converter ($7.99): With over 12,800 unit conversions, it doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with currency, measurements, temperature, volume or weight – this app does it all!
  • 150X Duplicate Remover Pro ($0.49): Here’s a quick way to free up space on your smartphone – by installing this app. You can then detect and remove all duplicate images, videos, audios and documents with a single click using the built-in AI.

These mobile games are free in the Google Play Store

  • 2nd memory of the hero ($0.99): This is a rather interesting “shooter” RPG, where you embark on a quest to free humanity from the grip of a growing monstrous power.
  • Best U ($1.99): They say stick and stones can break your bones, but words will never hurt you. I disagree – words are important for building self-esteem, and this app will only provide you with warm words and compliments to inspire you!
  • Chicken Tournament ($2.00): This is a unique FPS that lets you take a breather when your frustrations come home – pitting you right in the middle of the ancient and eternal conflict between the chicken and the farmer…
  • WordMix Pro ($2.00): Do you want to exercise your brain every day? WordMix Pro is a fun and addictive dice game that will appeal to those who love crosswords and anagrams.
  • Escape bullets ($0.49): This epic 2D arcade game features dozens of obstacle-filled levels, where you control the ball using your finger to evade falling obstacles.
  • Gun war! ($0.99): This is a game that’s all about weapons, where your goal is to make sure you can win every round while upgrading your weapon along the way.
  • Princess Corner ($0.99): I guess it’s some kind of twisted Mario-esque setting, where you have to escape from a castle full of demons in an RPG setting.

Free apps for your iPhone

These apps are free for iOS

  • Advanced Calculator ($0.99): Mathematicians, here is something interesting that will save you some time. The Fx will save your formulas, allowing you to easily perform the calculations you want using those formulas. After saving the formula, it is no longer necessary to rewrite it.
  • RGB keyboard ($1.99): Want to beautify your on-device virtual keyboard with animated lighting? This app gets the job done, providing an RGB keyboard experience with customizable animated keyboard lighting.
  • Maglev: Your Own AI Cover Game ($9.99): Times are tough and we live in turbulent times where investments all too easily go up in smoke. With this app you can protect your wealth no matter what crisis comes with Maglev by using this independent automated investment wizard to help you transform and create hedge fund quality investment portfolios with return projection and management risks.
  • NotifiNote ($0.99): Have you ever wished you could frequently retrieve some of your notes without having to relaunch a particular application? This app makes that possible by letting you store your note as a notification for easy viewing.
  • WikiCompass ($0.99): Awaken your inner sense of wonder with this app, where it will detect where you are and provide you with clever trivia about matching Wikipedia entries!

These mobile games are free for iOS

  • Crystal Cove ($2.99): You will need to move your triangle on the board to match three or more colors together in order to make them disappear. There will be power-ups, combos, and multipliers to help you on your quest.
  • VisAttapp ($0.99): Combining Flappy Bird and Metroid, this is a game that requires a careful balance of reflexes and strategy to advance.
  • Trippy Escape: Mind Eater ($0.99): Try not to go crazy with this game as you play as the protagonist – Cordelia, on a quest to escape her own mind while looking at the world through her eyes.
  • Rise of King Arthur ($0.99): Get Diablo-like action RPG on your mobile device where you recruit heroes and nurture them until they grow immensely powerful, allowing you to become the ultimate king in the end.
  • Crazy Race ($4.99): Now here is an interesting endless running game, except you control a stickman trying to cross block after block. It only takes one finger to play the game, and there are three types of blocks to navigate. Perfect for hand-eye coordination!
  • Pancak3r ($0.99): Do you like Jenga? It’s Jenga, except it’s a lot less messy and it’s pancakes. See how high you can stack the pancakes until the whole tower collapses!
  • Drop Flop! ($2.99): Here is yet another game that tests your finger reflex skills by tapping the screen to drop a ball, which you have to catch.

We hope that our efforts have not been in vain, that you have found new interesting applications. Did you spot a paid app in the list? Then we would be happy if you left us a hint in the comments!


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