Funny Magnetic Toys for Kids at Amazon India


Magnetic toys tend to spark children’s interest fairly quickly and can be a good playmate for long hours around the house. Check out this list of the best fun magnetic toys for kids on Amazon right away!

Play Panda Magnetic Puzzles

Play Panda Magnetic Puzzles allows the child to give free rein to his imagination and thus build colorful creations. Puzzles provide a good outlet for a child’s creativity and cultivate problem-solving skills. It also develops motor skills and eye-hand coordination. The product is delivered with a booklet of 100 models to provide initial assistance to the child. It is suitable for children over 5 years old and can also be played in a group. The product will contain 250 magnetic circles (1.5 cm in diameter), a magnetic canvas (23 X 23 cm), a puzzle book with 100 puzzles, a display stand, a magic seal pocket to store the magnets.

Play Poco’s Magnetic Imagination Forms

Play Poco Magnetic Imagination Shapes includes 102 magnetic shapes (set of shapes size 16 X 16 cm, 2 sets in total), 2 magnetic boards (size 20 X 20 cm), a pattern book with 340 patterns, 2 displays to present what the child creates, 2 trays to store the shapes in toto. The product is suitable for children over 4 years old and the booklet which contains more than 300 models will allow the child to get started without delay. The product is a good way to develop the creativity, imagination and problem-solving skills of the child.

Snaptron magnetic tiles

Snaptron Magnetic Tiles offers the child the opportunity to acquire a keen sense of color, geometric shape and 3D shapes. The tiles are easy to build and can be easily put away for storage. The product is fully compatible with other brands and together they will inspire the child to be more creative, imaginative and to solve problems quickly. It will engage the child for long periods of time.

Magnetic Cube Angel Bear

Angel Bear Magnetic Cube has strong magnetic properties that allow it to be arbitrarily shaped with ever-changing geometric patterns. It has the effect of relieving the child from any type of stress or anxiety. The cube is made of stainless steel and the surface is smooth and the corners are rounded for safety. The cube consists of 216 pieces of small cubes assembled with precision. It’s a portable cube that can easily fit in your pocket.


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