Grayson County online tax auction scheduled for August 3


Grayson County’s online-only tax auction takes place on August 3, and there’s still time to enter.

Grayson County tax collector Bruce Stidham said the online site offers an online tutorial on how to register and create an account. The site,, was selected from about five sites reviewed by the county for its ease of use.

“It offers an online tutorial,” Stidham told people who may never have used this type of system before to participate in the tax auction or what is sometimes called a sheriff’s sale.

Virginia Hughes, Stidham’s deputy, said there is a registration process that requires bank documents, so those wishing to participate should be sure to register before the day of the sale.

Online auctions have been allowed in the state for a number of years, Stidham said, but COVID-19 closures have prompted Grayson County to review them. Hughes said the county has tried a variety of things to make the auctions more social distancing, such as keeping them outside. But the online practice allows for maximum social distancing while still allowing people to participate in and outside of Grayson County.

Hughes said the minimum bid for properties includes the amount of taxes owed on the property, court fees and the like, as well as the $ 150 fee for the online auction.

She said there were 24 properties for sale Thursday morning and more than a dozen people had already made an offer.

Jerrie Whiteley is the criminal justice editor for the Herald Democrat. She can be contacted at [email protected]

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