GTA Online’s New Trend is the Perfect Way to Fight Heartbreak


Grievers in any online game are some of the worst players you can meet, but in GTA Online some players have found the perfect way to fight them.

GTA Online has produced some top notch content over the years and players have grown accustomed to the often insane antics of the game. Whether it’s completing races with your friends or participating in GTA RP, you can do just about anything in the metropolis of Los Santos.

But, every now and then, you will also come across pesky players whose sole purpose is to harm your game. These players can be stubborn and will do whatever they can to reduce your GTA Online experience.

But, one gamer has created the perfect way to combat those heartaches, and it’s one of the best ways we’ve ever seen!

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New cars have recently been added to the game during the Los Santos Tuners update.

GTA Online trend is a heartbreak’s worst nightmare

While simply eliminating those heartaches over and over again is one of the easiest ways to defeat these players, one Reddit user devised the perfect way to really put yourself in some players’ shoes.

First, wait until the player is in passive mode. In order for players to go into passive mode, others will have to continuously eliminate them until the game makes them invisible because they are so dead.

New Trend: Take heartbreaks as a liability, then submit your best selfie with them as they beat their hearts on your condition. by gtaonline

Second, pose next to them with your camera and take a selfie with grief. They will likely stay still, as most of the time the other player is “beating their heart on how bad you are.”

It usually takes around five minutes, but changes player to player.

This is without a doubt one of the best ways we’ve seen players deal with heartbreak and you should try it if you come across any of these players.

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