Hand-drawn Metroidvania Greak: Memories of Azur premiering at the Future Games Show, coming to Switch in August


Greak: Memories of Azur, a beautifully hand-drawn metroidvania from Team17 and Navegante Entertainment premiered at the Future Games Show last night. This side-scrolling adventure puts players in the role of three siblings at once as they flee their homeland which has been besieged by fierce otherworldly creatures. Boasting an incredibly charming and fluid art style, and unique three-character combat, traversal, and puzzle-solving mechanics, this is a title fans of the genre will want to watch closely.

With the Azure lands overrun by mortal Urlags, players will need to seamlessly alternate between the three siblings to better navigate the increasingly hostile environment and flee Azur. Greak offers agility and the ability to adapt where others won’t, Adara uses arcane magic to devastating effect, and Raydel’s combat skills and specialized gear make them a formidable trio. for enemies invading their home.

Main characteristics:

-Hand-Drawn Art & Animation: Enjoy a compelling narrative telling the story of family, home, and union, all brought to life with stunning hand-drawn designs

– Specially Designed Puzzles: Players will solve intricate puzzles to navigate the world of Azure, using the unique abilities of the three siblings to flee the threat

– Unique gameplay: each brother has their own unique powers and abilities, and players will seamlessly exchange between the trio to better navigate the world

Live Orchestra Soundtrack: Enjoy expressive and atmospheric musical themes specially created to enhance this unique adventure.

Greak: Memories of Azur will travel to Nintendo Switch in physical and digital form on Tuesday, August 17th!

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