Hanover County Sheriff’s Office Reports Increase in Online Threats at Schools


(Photo: Matthew Huddleston / WWAY)

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) – The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office has reported an increase in threats to the school, receiving seven in the past week alone.

Two students were arrested in connection with their online posts, the threats raising concern among parents and police.

“It’s not funny. It’s not a joke,” Sheriff Ed McMahon said. “You are committing a crime when you do this.”

The recent increase in threats has caused many in the region to seek solutions to the growing problem.

“Parents, teachers, school administration, everyone is upset about what’s going on,” McMahon said. “We are all trying to find a way to prevent this from happening.”

McMahon says that while the threats luckily haven’t led to any incidents, they still cause a lot of unnecessary stress in the community.

McMahon says online posts also take time and resources in the sheriff’s office that could be spent on other cases.

“Every threat we receive is a priority,” added McMahon. “We’re stopping what the detectives are doing. We stop other patrols. Everyone’s going, everyone’s there.

McMahon says students shouldn’t feel anonymous online, as agents have been very successful in uncovering those making threats against their schools.

“We’re finding out who does it,” added McMahon. “When you do, we’ll find out. And you are going to be charged with a crime.

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