Helping Hands suggests NE Directory is a game-changer: Robin Hibu


ITANAGAR ( By Pradeep Kumar )- Founding President of the NGO Helping Hands (HH) Robin Owl launched the proposed North East Dictionary in a virtual conference on Saturday to develop an effective response system to facilitate its ongoing efforts to help NE people across the country in distress.

People in the NE either face atrocities and reaching them was a Herculean task for which this idea was conceived, Hibu, also Delhi’s special police commissioner, told media consultant Pradeep Kumar, lawyer from SC Rajesh Narang, to IT honcho Gaurav Raj Thakur & Gaurav Bhats. , Arupjyoti Gogoi, director Siddharth Soheb, Yogchhen Lama, actress Shilpa Bhawna, Munesh Solanki and Hanan Raj from the Delhi Police.

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Citing examples, he said an Indigo flight attendant from Tripura was kidnapped by her so-called lover and confined her to her house in Kerala. On receiving his text message and the call from his brother, an army captain; Hibu said he contacted Police Commissioner and Wing Commander KD Khalij, who rescued her and sent her to Agartala. Second, an Arunachalee boy, Marnya Doye, committed suicide in Bangalauru, but it was difficult to get help from people in NE. Somehow DGP Karnataka and Wing Commander KD Khalij helped to send her mortal remains to Guwahati where the Galo Welfare Society received her and took her to her native place for the last rites.

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There are 747 volunteers across the country, but the dictionary will facilitate connections when needed, Hibu said, adding that his appeal has been posted on social media; it is in contact with 27 NGOs, state women’s commissions and other bodies to recruit volunteers and to write to the Secretaries of State for Education and Skills Development, in particular to update the list of female NE students leaving study outside.

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Hanan Raj, who developed the concept of electronic copy of the application form, demonstrated it and the process of recognition and issuance of ID card to receive applause from all. A compiled and classified directory of volunteers would be maintained at the headquarters of HH Delhi to alert volunteers to a specific emergency assistance area for people in distress in the NE, it added.

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Helping Hands would soon have its mini-branch in each NE state, Hibu said, adding that the HH, in collaboration with Edward Foundation & Darjeeling Initiative, would start its practical activities in Sikkim. Additionally, all Good Samaritans who have helped HH would receive gold medals while members playing proactive roles would also be commended at a ceremony soon, he added.

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This was followed by a webinar for successful candidates of the IAS-2022 Mega Scholarship Exam although Google meets with the Managing Director of Advanced Learning System (ALS), Manish Gautam, the Special Commissioner of GNCT Delhi (trade and taxes) Prince Dhawan, IT Co-Commissioner Padi Tatung and Hibu himself as resource persons.

While Hibu highlighted ALS success and the perspective of UPSC services, Gautam enlisted ALS course prospects, Dhawan, an IAS officer, motivated them not to look back until that the goal is achieved while Tatung, an IRS officer, said that self-confidence holds the key to success in life. While all cited inspiring success stories and gave tips as clues to success. It may be recalled that Dhawan served as Capital Complex and Lohit DC before being recently posted to Delhi.


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