Holidays 2021: Christmas stocking less than $ 15


The holidays wouldn’t be the same without those wacky gadgets, sugary treats and everyone’s favorite socks that fill holiday stockings. These gifts are sometimes useful, sometimes original and always welcome! The best part about the stocking stuffers we’ve selected is that they all cost less than $ 15.

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Women’s Snoozies Slippers, $ 12.99 – These comfy and cute polka dot slipper socks have a sherpa fleece lining for extra warmth. Each slipper has a non-slip sole so they can be worn safely on wooden or tile floors. Slipper socks are available from small to extra large. They are also sold in peach, pink, white, black, blue and purple. Each pair is machine washable and will not shrink.

HORUSDY magnetic bracelet, $ 9.99 – Meet the perfect helper for housework. With this handy bracelet, the recipient will never lose a screw or bolt again. The strap is made of 1680D ballistic polyester, has 10 magnets and two pockets to hold plastic parts. It may contain small metal objects including tools, bolts, screws, pins, washers, fasteners, nails, etc.

Burt’s Bees Hydrating Lip Balm, $ 9.38 – With natural ingredients and flavors, these lip balms will keep people’s lips from chapping. Lip balms are made with fruit extracts and beeswax to lock in moisture.

Monochef bracelet kit, $ 14.99 – A fun jewelry making kit for ages 7-12. The kit includes necklaces, bracelets and charms that can be made into pretty jewelry. They can mix and match as they wish, creating different designs.

Glam Up Face Sheet Mask, $ 10.99 – To keep their skin glowing, these masks are perfect for all skin types. The masks are infused with natural ingredients including shea butter, aloe, lemon, tea tree, peppermint and more. These cruelty-free face masks offer a variety of treatments ranging from firming and hydration to soothing and rejuvenating.

Linzy Educational Teddy Bear, $ 10.99 This toddler-friendly bear is an interactive toy for toddlers to try out their problem-solving skills. The bear has buttons, zippers, buckles, laces and self-adhesive tabs. The toy uses a child’s fine motor skills and helps in learning the skills needed to be independent. The toy is 16 inches tall, made of quality materials and stuffed with polyester fibers.

Beard Care Kit, $ 13.91 – Encourage healthy beard growth with this grooming kit, which contains everything they will need to maintain their beard. It includes beard balm, beard growth oil, roller cleaner, beard scissors, comb, brush and travel storage bag. Beard Balm and Beard Growth Oil are made from natural ingredients including vitamin E, argan, grapeseed, castor and jojoba oils. The boar bristle brush and double-sided comb massage facial hair, stimulate oil production and remove dirt.

SSK Soft Baby Cuff Rattle Foot Finder Socks Set, $ 12.68 – A nice gift for their first vacation. The set and its fun characters will encourage babies to grip their toes and help develop hand-eye coordination. The rattles and socks are made from environmentally friendly, unscented and non-toxic materials that are safe for a baby. Each rattle and foot detector has a bell inside, and the monkey and elephant also have crumpled paper in their ears. Wrist rattles attach with velcro.

Desktop golf pen set, $ 12.99 – A fun gift for the golfer in your life, golf clubs double as pens. For those days when they would like to be on the greens, they can take a few puts from their desk. The gift box includes three mini golf club pens, two golf balls, a flag and a gift box.

Good days start with gratitude, $ 6.99 – A thoughtful gift to help them count their blessings. The book is a 52 week guide to cultivating gratitude. Each weekly page includes an inspirational quote and space to write down three things they’re grateful for each day of the week. And the book also includes a weekly checkpoint.

Detangling brush, $ 9.99 – Whether they have curly or straight hair, there is a good chance that they will experience tangles from time to time. This brush is a quick and easy way to detangle hair and keep strands beautiful. The brush has 274 flexible bristles to glide through knots and untangle hair without the need to pull and pull, which can cause damage. It works on all hair types and can be used on damp or dry hair.

Crayola Tie Dye Washable Sidewalk Chalk, $ 5.64 – To make some groovy sidewalk art, this chalk is out of sight! They will not have the same experience twice using this chalk, which gives distant colors to an exterior design. The chalk is washable and rinses off easily with a hose or the next downpour. The package includes five chalk sticks with swirling colors.

Calm Essential Oil Blend, $ 9.99 – For those days when they need to relax, this blend of natural oils will help them regain some calm. The roller includes non-GMO essential oils including peppermint, Spanish sage, cardamom, ginger, and sweet fennel. It can be used externally at pulse points such as the neck, wrists and behind the ears.

If you can read this bring me some fun socks, $ 8.95 – No party would be complete without receiving socks. These novelty socks make a great Christmas stocking for the taco lover with a sense of humor. The socks are suitable for most men with a shoe size 6 to 13 and women 7 and up.

Zombie Plant Seed Packets, $ 8.95 – The “TickleMe” plant is lovely but plays dead when touched, coming back to life in minutes – like a zombie! Plants are a great educational tool and provide a fun learning experience. Plants (Mimosa Pudica) can be grown indoors in any soil. Each pack contains 10-25 seeds to plant and an activity card is also included.

BROADREAM LED Gloves, Glowing Finger Gloves, $ 13.99 – A fun way to light up at night, these LED gloves have lights in their fingers. The gloves have three colors: red, green and blue. They also have six different flashing modes. The lights are bright and easy to control by simply pressing the on / off button. The gloves will fit most children, adolescents and adults. Each glove comes with a replaceable battery. The batteries last up to 12 hours with continuous use.

Harry Potter Jelly Gummy Candy Slugs, $ 12.48 – For the “Harry Potter” fanatic, these treats are a new Christmas stocking. The bundle includes Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, a chocolate frog and Jelly Slugs, as well as a collectable wizard card. Candy flavors include peanut, apple, cherry, tangerine, blueberry, chocolate, cinnamon, lemon, banana, and rice. They are made in the USA.


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