How a Broncos fan lent a hand to Peyton Manning during his Ring of Fame induction


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Before throwing a final touchdown pass, Peyton Manning called one last audible time.

For the final act of his Ring of Fame dedication at half-time in the Broncos’ game against Washington, Manning wanted to wear a No.18 jersey, and in a rare moment he was caught off guard on a field. of the NFL, it doesn’t I don’t.

But he knew there were probably several thousand people in the stands who had done it.

One of those people was Ed Goff, who was there with his son Coby expressly to observe this moment.

“We decided to come just for that, because we never got to see him play, and we couldn’t go to Canton, Ohio to see him enter the Hall of Fame,” said Goff. “So I said to my boy, ‘This is our last chance to see him, so let’s go.'”

Little did they know they would play a pivotal role in Manning’s Ring of Fame festivities.

The plan was as follows: After receiving his orange Ring of Fame jacket from his children, Manning would walk out of the North Tunnel to the midfield, where he would receive his final honors as the franchise’s 35th Ring of Fame inductee. He would accept a ring from former head coach John Fox and then give a brief speech in front of the crowd.

And then, Manning would add a unique touch to the ceremony by throwing a 30-yard pass to former teammate Brandon Stokley in the right corner of the end zone. But the moment called for a slight change of costume; it made a lot more sense to wear a jersey.

So when a Broncos staff member said to Goff, “Peyton would like to use your jersey,” Goff’s response came easily.

“Damn yeah, let’s go!” Goff later recalled saying.


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