How your child can benefit from pottery lessons


Your kid’s adorable purple turtle from pottery class is more than just a unique art form. Pottery has many benefits for children, from boosting their self-esteem to improving their motor skills.

Relaxing properties of pottery clay

Pottery clay can hold a child’s attention for hours. Even energetic children can be captivated by clay and focus on a single masterpiece. The relaxing characteristics of the medium keep them interested while their imagination takes over.

Increase creativity

When your child chose purple paint for the turtle instead of the conventional green, he was getting creative. Although you’re unlikely to discover a purple sea turtle in your local pond, pottery teaches children to think outside the box.

Clay is an indulgent art form that is easy for little fingers to manipulate. Children immediately learn that their mistakes can be rolled up and repeated.

Develop motor skills

Pottery classes can help children develop their motor skills by allowing them to use the muscles in their arms, hands and fingers. They will realize that their hands can be powerful tools as they learn to control the clay.

Another motor skill benefit that parents can see happens outside of pottery classes. Calligraphy can be improved by working with clay. Hand-eye coordination skills learned in pottery class can also be transferred to schoolwork in the form of more legible handwriting.

Improve sensory development

A pottery class engages the senses of scent with clay and paint, of sight with artwork, and of touch with clay. Most pottery classes allow children to create and learn at their own pace. Children make art according to their developmental stages, and the safe environment of a pottery class allows them to express themselves freely.

Increase self-esteem

After making a vase in pottery class, the bright smile of a child is endearing. Although the vase is irregular and only painted on one side, your child has created something unique and is proud of it.

Because children are in control of their crafts and can see results quickly, pottery lessons can boost your child’s self-esteem.


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