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Hello, sci-fi tabletop game fans everywhere! So, in a world where various game companies seem to have a bit of a grip on the sci-fi wargame market, it’s refreshing to see even a single wargame break out of that grip once in a while. The game we are talking about here, dear readers, is Infinite CodeOne, by the Spanish table game company Corvus Belli. The company recently held a major sale (which, unfortunately, has ended at the time of writing and publishing this article), during which it released a new expansion for the game, called Operation: Blackwind. We were lucky enough to receive a free sample of the new Corvus Belli releases, and here’s what we think!

The front of the box for Operation: Blackwinda new box for Infinite CodeOnea game from Corvus Belli.

Operation: Blackwind is (normally) a 14 figure box containing two player warbands. The reason we put “normally” here is that as part of the promotion that Corvus Belli had in place, this kit came with an exclusive additional model – Pandora. We’re not sure if Pandora will be easy to find in the future or if Corvus Belli will re-release the model in any form, but if he’s fighting scarcity, we’d really like that to happen!

As for the kit itself, Operation: Blackwind comes with the aforementioned miniatures (which belong to the ALEPH and Haqqislam factions), scenery, models, and the necessary rules to get two players started playing without a hitch. During the sale, this box retailed on the Corvus Belli website for €124.95, which is roughly equivalent to just under $129 USD.

The front of the Dire Foes Mission Pack box called Obsidian Head, a new box set for Infinity CodeOne, a game by Corvus Belli.
The front of the Dire Foes Mission Pack box called obsidian heada new box for Infinite CodeOnea game from Corvus Belli.

The next box we got was the Dire Foes Mission Pack: obsidian headanother box for Infinite CodeOne. This mission pack acts as an extension of the game as a whole. It contains three heroes and one neutral figure to use with the missions and scenarios as you see fit. Priced at €32.95, or just under US$34, four models might be considered a bit extravagant for some gamers, but it might well be worth it for those more familiar with Corvus Belli.

The front of the box of Helen of Troy, a new promotional figure for Infinity CodeOne, a game from Corvus Belli.
The front of the box of Helen of Troy, a new promotional figure for Infinite CodeOnea game from Corvus Belli.

Finally, we come to probably our favorite model so far, aesthetically speaking, Helen of Troy. “Helen is a recreation of the mythological character whose name she bears,” according to Corvus Belli’s press release, “and she was created specifically to represent the Phalanx in any negotiation.” Helen is a high value target in Infinite CodeOne games and can be used in many different scenarios and missions. Whether or not it will get a general release remains to be seen, but, like Pandora, we certainly hope it’s not stuck behind an “events-only” timing wall.

In the end, with what we know of the legacy that Infinite CodeOne has behind it, we’re sure these are items you’ll want to pick up from Corvus Belli in the future. But what do you think? Are these boxes worth your time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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