International Women’s Day with author Regina Düring


On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the Consulate General of Switzerland in Atlanta and the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta cordially invite you to a virtual book discussion with Swiss/German author Regina Dürig about her new novel “Federn Lassen ” (engl. Losing Skin).

Author, interpreter and lecturer in literary writing, Regina Durig has published miniatures, short stories, radio plays, children’s books and novels for young adults. She has received numerous awards for her work, including the Peter Härtling Prize, the Wartholz Literature Prize and the Literature Prize of the Canton of Bern. Born in Mannheim, Germany, Regina Dürig moved to Switzerland to study literary writing in Biel, where she currently resides.

Regina Dürig’s novel “Federn Lassen” delves into different scenes from the life of a woman growing up in the present day, with the book spanning her life from four to thirty-eight years. It depicts various situations of violence experienced by this woman ranging from subtle psychological violence to physical aggression. The book is told in the second person, without ever revealing the woman’s name. Regina Dürig’s novel is a valuable addition to a burgeoning genre, exploring themes closely tied to everyday sexism and #metoo movements.

Participants are invited to order the original German version of the book “Federn lassen” before the book discussion on March 8, 2022! A limited number of copies for the price of $20 can be purchased now, look for the button in the upper right corner. As the book has yet to be published in the United States, this is a unique opportunity for entrants to get their hands on a novel that – at a time when casual violence against women and minorities talk about it a lot – is a necessary contribution to a timely debate!

Everyone is welcome to join the discussion, whether you purchased the book or not.
The discussion will be moderated by Raegan Lemond, German teacher at University of Alabama. The event will be bilingual, in German and English. The author will speak German and an interpreter will translate consecutively, meaning all levels of German are welcome!

For questions regarding the event or the book, please contact the Consulate General of Switzerland in Atlanta at [email protected]

For questions regarding payments, please contact the Goethe Zentrum at [email protected]


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