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Jennifer Aniston has, and always will be, body goals. The star has maintained her fit figure, acting as motivation for so many working women to get to a healthy place. If you take a look at Jen’s social media you’ll know Friends star doesn’t just make time for wellness, she makes it a lifestyle. The same goes for those with whom she surrounds herself. Stylist Chris McMann, for example, shows off one of his styles on Instagram. The model? Aniston. In it, Aniston posed in a chair wearing a swimsuit top. McMann captioned the post, “Love a good blowout.” How does she stay in shape? Read on to see 5 ways Jennifer Aniston stays in shape and the photos that prove they work — and to get beach-ready, don’t miss these essentials 30 Best Celebrity Swimsuit Photos!

It’s so important to keep it fun, to mix up workouts so things don’t stagnate. When Jen sat down with Molly McNearney at InStyle, she loved everything from boxing to barre. “There’s something about the mental aspect of boxing – the drills, your brain has to work, you’re not just sitting on a bike,” Jen said. “Boxing is a great way to eliminate aggression. You get a mental release from all that bullshit you pick up in your ears and eyes every day and have little moments of fantasy imagining who you’re punching.” According Harvard Health Publishingboxing helps improve muscle strength, endurance, balance and possibly hand-eye coordination.

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If you’re just starting out, intimidated by machines in the gym, or deciding which machine to buy for your home, Jen praised the elliptical in a previous interview with Vogue. “I do 45 minutes of intervals on my elliptical. I increase the incline, run for two minutes, walk for one, run for two…and do it for 20 minutes straight until I’m soaked.” Ellipticals let you get the job done, sweat it out, and burn lots of calories, without putting too much on pressure on your joints.

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Unsurprisingly, yoga gets involved. Behind every amazing body and clear mind seems to be the practice of yoga to maintain physical and mental health. Mandy Ingerthe woman behind Jen’s hot yoga body, explained the routine she does with Jen in a article with Healthista. “I would do 30 minutes of spinning, 40 minutes of yoga, incorporating some of my ‘hybrid’ yoga poses paired with a toning exercise,” Mandy explained. “We were doing power yoga, vinyasa flow, then yin yoga stretching, then finishing with the infrared sauna.” There are incredible benefits when it comes to practicing yoga. It is known to increase flexibility, improve mental health, reduce stress, and build strength, among other benefits.

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Jen seems to avoid bland diets, simply maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but the one she loves is intermittent fasting. She learned from Dr David Sinclair that “stressing the body through exercise is a good thing,” says Jen in a interview with Byrdie. “We are taught that we constantly need to relax, go on vacations and take naps to rehabilitate ourselves, but these are not the best things for our body. The best thing to do is to stress your body.” It may seem like an unusual suggestion, but it doesn’t mean emotional stress. Things like fasting, exercise, and good nutrition. When Jen follows intermittent fasting, she has no eat in the morning and notice a huge difference when he goes without solid food for 16 hours.


For Jennifer, incorporating collagen has been crucial in maintaining her healthy lifestyle. In fact, she’s behind vital protein so much so that she is a brand ambassador and board member. “I’ve had a passion for health and wellness for years,” Jen said. “I know this topic can be overwhelming, so through this campaign I want to show simple ways to incorporate collagen into your daily life. For me, it’s adding it to my morning coffee and replenishing it afterwards. a training session, but there really is an option for everyone.” What does it do? According to Mayo ClinicThere’s not a ton of evidence to support the effectiveness of taking collagen, but collagen in general is one of the building blocks of your bones and skin.


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