KDWP Introduces Fully Online Option for Hunter Education Certification



Written by: Press release issued by David Elliott
Date of publication: 08-10-2021

For the first time ever, the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks is offering a fully online hunter education course for aspiring hunters aged 16 and over.

Upon successful completion of the course at your own pace, students will receive a Kansas Hunter Education Certificate, allowing them to purchase hunting licenses and permits, and be eligible to hunt without the direct supervision of an adult licensed in Kansas.

Historically, KDWP has offered two delivery methods for Hunter Education certification: a traditional in-person course of a minimum of 10 hours and an Internet-assisted option that requires an in-person field day. The new, fully online course – developed by the National Rifle Association (NRA) – is currently offered in 12 states and covers 14 topics across four modules – Gun Basics, Gun Handling, Safety on the Go. terrain and ethics of hunters.

“When researching online course options for our Kansas resident hunters, our team was very critical of the online delivery options. We wanted a comprehensive, interactive, inclusive and free course, ”said Aaron Austin, KDWP Education Section Head. “The NRA Online Hunter Education course exceeded our expectations. The engaging online activities allow students to apply what they learned in the course to real life situations, giving them practical knowledge that they can use while hunting. . “

The Kansas Full Online Option will not replace traditional courses or Internet-assisted courses; it is offered in conjunction with previous course formats.

To access the fully online Hunter Education course for Kansas, visit https://ksoutdoors.com/NRA-Online course.

For more information on all things Kansas Hunter Education – including information on upcoming traditional and Internet-assisted opportunities, visit ksoutdoors.com/Services/Education / Hunter / Hunter-Ed-Course.

(Information courtesy of KDWP.)

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