KFC Mini-Cricket holds festival to promote women’s cricket


The sports ground at Isaac Makau Elementary School in Wattville was a hive of activity on February 24 as young female cricketers turned out in droves to attend the KFC East Regional Girls Mini-Cricket Festival.

Although women’s cricket is having good runs with the CSA T20 women’s provincial competition and Proteas women claiming global cricket, Julius Maziya of KFC mini cricket explained that women’s cricket still needs exposure at the local level.

“We realized that women’s cricket was not getting enough attention and therefore needed more exposure. Each region hosts two festivals and we have decided to organize one for girls to promote women’s cricket,” he said.

According to Maziya, the KFC mini-cricket program is the largest grassroots program in the country and provides young cricketers with essential basics to learn the basics of the game.

Maziya, who is also a product of the program, said it is essential to understand the basics of cricket from an early age as it helps to accelerate their development.

“This program is very close to my heart because it is where the fundamentals of the game are taught. It is where the passion for the game grows and we are always striving to produce cricketers who will represent the Easterns of the schools to seniors,” he said.

He added that their hard work over the years has allowed many of the program’s graduates to perform at the highest level.

“We have a few girls who were part of that program and are now part of the Easterns setup. One of them is 14-year-old Mpumi Mashiloane, who was brilliant for the Easterns in the National Women’s U-16 tournament last year,” he said.

“She is ranked number one in her age group in the country. So that means the basics they learn here are worth it.

The girls learned hand-eye coordination, throwing, throwing, throwing and hitting skills.

“That’s where they learn basic skills. The idea is to give children an idea of ​​what hardball cricket expects of them. We also want them to have fun and have fun because that is the only way to learn,” said Lerato Nchabeleng, Regional Chairman of KFC Mini-Cricket.

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