LEGO Tatooine Homestead debuts as a May 4, 2021 set


Following the official unveiling of the new R2-D2 set today, the LEGO Group is now presenting their next May 4th promotional set. This 217-piece LEGO creation continues the recent trend of recreating iconic scenes from a galaxy far, far away, by assembling a brick version of the Tatooine Homestead with a miniature Landspeeder, Sandcrawler and more. Head over below to take a closer look at this upcoming kit and how it can be added to your collection for free.

LEGO unveils next Tatooine Homestead set

Starting in 2019, the LEGO Group took advantage of May 4 and the holiday season to launch new promotional sets for Star Wars fans, centered around miniature dioramas. As the first addition to this year’s lineup, we’re getting a new 217-piece version of the Tatooine Homestead, the place where everything in the original trilogy begins.

Marking the first time we’ve seen the entire Tatooine Homestead put together as a brick, the set recreates just about all the important scenes that take place on the sand-covered planet of New hope. There’s the Lars family home, humidity sprays, a small Landspeeder, and of course, a suitable sandy backdrop to set the scene.

By far my favorite part has to be the miniature Sandcrawler which is flanked by small versions of Luke, Owen Lars, a few Jawas, R2-D2 and C3-PO. Some unique printed tiles have been used to add extra detail to the Jawa transport, which is definitely a good idea. Next, on the front of the LEGO Tatooine Homestead set is a printed Star Wars tile.

Mark the new limited edition kit for yourself

Those who want to add this small-scale creation to their collections won’t have too much time to wait, with the LEGO Tatooine Homestead set which debuts on May 4. As we’ve come to expect from these little promotional releases, this one will be a giveaway with purchase on some orders.

LEGO should launch its annual star wars day festivities once the first of next month rolls around and crosses the fourth. Meanwhile, pick up $ 85 or more from kits from a galaxy far, far away will get you the Limited Edition LEGO Gift upon purchase. Fortunately, that means bringing home the new R2-D2 will qualify you for the freebie.

Taking 9to5Toys:

As cool as these designs were, I would really like the LEGO Group to start using other themes for their upcoming Star Wars promotional releases. The recent Ulysses space probe, for example, was such a great companion to Space Shuttle Discovery, and yet, for the third year in a row now, we still receive miniature diorama builds that Star Wars fans have expressed their displeasure with ever since. the beginning.

But for what the set actually is, I think the LEGO Group did a pretty solid job with its execution. It’s definitely my favorite among the promotional kits we’ve seen deployed since 2019 and it’s arguably one of the most iconic locations in a galaxy far, far away.

The only real question that remains is, will that be enough for you to meet the required threshold of $ 85? Let us know in the comments below.

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