Liga MX: Report: Querétaro offered to renew the game on Sunday, Atlas refused


Yesyesterday was a difficult day for Mexican football as fans of Querétaro attack Atlas supporters during a match MX League. The violence has reached unprecedented levels of chaos with many injured, missing and some allegedly dead. As the match ended abruptly as fans ran onto the pitch to take refuge from the carnage, the match was suspended indefinitely.

According to a report by FOX SportsNatalia Lenin an act of pure coldness in the face of this harsh situation, Querétaro directives had proposed to Atlas to resume play on Sunday as if nothing had happened. Atlas of course refused this proposal.

Of course, that minimizes the tragedy that happened at Corregidora Stadium, because the directives wanted to resume the game without knowing the sanctions that would be implemented for the team. He should know the deliberation next Wednesday.

When will the match and the rest of the Liga MX matches resume?

A few hours after the unfortunate events that took place at the Corregidora stadium, Gallos Blancos de Querétaro expressed their position on the situation through a statement on social media and condemned the situation, mentioning that they will work with local authorities.

“We strongly condemn the events that took place today at the Corregidora stadium. We are in full communication and coordination with the authorities so that they act vigorously against anyone responsible. As an institution, we condemn violence of any kind “.

On the other hand, Atlas required MX League and the corresponding authorities to reach the ultimate consequences and apply the full weight of the law. In the meantime, the match remains postponed until further notice, as well as the rest of the 9th day of the Closing Tournament 2022.


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