Miniature art is gaining momentum in Paris with the exhibition “Small is Beautiful”


Miniature art, much appreciated on social networks, takes the plunge with the first major exhibition in a European gallery in Paris, in which 20 world-renowned artists exhibit some of their most iconic works.

This type of art has spread thanks to social networks, on which artists from all over the world post photos of their works under the hashtag #MiniatureArt.

The “Small is Beautiful” exhibition, which runs until January 13 next year, presents a total of 126 works of art with all kinds of themes and formats at the Galerie Joseph in the French capital.

Attention to detail is paramount in the exhibition, and fans of the mini phenomenon can immerse themselves in the most unlikely objects, bringing their childhood imaginations to life within a number of small-scale universes. .

Adapted to all ages, the dimensions are reminiscent of the skill and patience needed to invent tailor-made and often eccentric pieces.

There are even artists who have managed to make sculptures with the tip of a pencil.

Bosnian artist Jasenko Dordevic has meticulously sculpted the figure of a mother holding her daughter, as well as the Eiffel Tower, on a pencil lead.

With more than 180,000 Instagram followers, London photographer Slinkachu presents his “Miniature Street Art” in which he uses everyday objects to recreate miniature real life situations.

Slinkachu created an installation of a snake attacking a little girl and her mother from a green lace in a puddle, among other miniature scenes, which he usually leaves to pedestrians after taking photos.

French photographer Samsofy personifies classic Lego figures and depicts them in miniature, using materials and products from everyday life.

The works of German artist Frank Kunert will also grab the attention of visitors, thanks to his striking scenes and real-life themes such as death and love.

And the French artist Nicolas Pierre is taking advantage of the host city of the exhibition to create small-scale buildings such as the famous Tati department store in Paris.

The paintings also take pride of place in the exhibition, thanks to South African artist Lorraine Loots, who has produced miniature drawings that can only be appreciated in all their detail with a magnifying glass.

At the end of the tour, visitors can see how all the works were created through various videos made by the artists themselves.

Children can also immerse themselves in it through several creative miniature art workshops organized by the place and in partnership with the Musée en Herbe, with the aim of motivating potential new artists in this field.

Small is beautiful‘will be exhibited until January 13, 2022, at the Galerie Joseph in Paris.

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