Miniature LiDAR technology shows promise


IIn an effort to reduce the size and power consumption of a typical LiDAR unit, Korean researchers have proposed an ultra-compact LiDAR that uses ultralight nanophotonics made from metamaterials.

Current LiDAR systems, such as those that can be mounted on the roof of a vehicle, are quite large and somewhat bulky.

According to the team Pohang University of Science and Technology – led by Professor Junsuk Rho, Dr Inki Kim and doctoral student Jaehyuck Jang – the technology can lead to faster and more accurate measurement methods.

Researchers say the technology could be applied to LiDAR systems mounted on autonomous vehicles, robots, drones, 3D panoramic cameras, CCTVs and augmented reality platforms.

“Currently, the research team is conducting several follow-up studies to develop ultralight compound metasurface-based LiDAR systems,” said Prof Junsuk Rho.

“If this research is successful, we can expect to manufacture… ultra-fast, ultra-precise LiDAR systems at an affordable cost. “

The team has published his research results in the journal Nature Nanotechnology. The work was carried out in collaboration with the National Institute of Sciences (CNRS-CRHEA).

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