Monster Hunter International Miniatures game is coming to Kickstarter


Tabletop game fans may be familiar with the works of publisher Everything Epic. They are known to do limited printing of various board games and card games, the majority of which never make it to retail stores. These include things like Librarians card game, Secrets of the Lost Tomband even a board game adaptation by John Carpenter Big problem in little China. Now, the publisher’s next project is aimed at supernatural and urban fantasy fans alike: a Monster Hunter International miniature game.

For those who are unaware, Monster Hunter International is a series of urban fantasy novels written by Larry Correia. The main character is Owen Zastava Pitt who, after a deadly encounter with his terrible boss, discovers that monsters are real and are among us in the real world. Everything from eldritch horrors beyond the deadly ken to corny B-movie monsters is here. Some are evil, others are just really hungry animals that need to be circumvented. Fortunately, there is a secret organization in charge of controlling these monsters called Monster Hunter International. The series has eight main entries, many of which have ended up on the New York Times bestseller list.

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All Epic announced the Monster Hunter International miniatures game through an email newsletter and their social media accounts. According to the announcement page, the miniatures game will allow you to play as hunters or monsters and will include several iconic characters and factions from the book. The game will feature three different objective-based game modes. Blood and Puff appears to be a straightforward team deathmatch that lets you draw unique ability cards for your team each time you take down an enemy. Eldritch Power mode lets you control powerful magical artifacts while trying to hold back its corrupting power. Finally, there’s Boo Who, a race to see who can be the first to capture a ghost and escort them back to their base.

Additional details on the Monster Hunter International miniatures game are scarce at the time of writing. Aside from some featured artwork, there’s no link to a newsletter or even a date when the game will be available for pre-order. According to Larry Correia’s personal Monster Hunter Nation blog, the game will be crowdfunded on Kickstarter later this spring. This will be the second time Monster Hunter International has received a tabletop adaptation, following a successfully funded TTRPG adaptation.


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