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I would also like to challenge and shame the national newspapers The sun and Daily mail who seem to think it is a bad thing and that it is too “awake”.

The fact that these papers think the word “wake up” is a bad thing is pretty incredible.

What is so wrong with being “awake”?

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Adele arrives for the Kong Skull Island premiere in Los Angeles in February 2012.

I looked up the meaning of “awake” in the Oxford English dictionary.

It says “alert to racial or social discrimination and injustice”.

The sun then quoted UK holiest journalist Piers Morgan as calling it a “garbage wake-up call”. Why ?

Why should there be a “Best Man” and “Best Woman” category?

They always gave the “best man” award last, as if to “save the best for last”.

We do not consume music in a gendered way. I don’t think, “I have to listen to female singers now” – music is music.

Why shouldn’t Adele and Ed Sheeran go head-to-head for “Best Solo Artist” or Little Mix vs. Coldplay for Best Group?

It got worse when a columnist for The sun (male, white and middle-aged by the way) used his column to say that “waking up” should be banned, incorrectly citing a female director.

Are these newspapers saying that racism, sexism, misogyny and xenophobia are OK?

They recently published an article according to which women now work for free until the end of the year when they are in comparable jobs to men.

In sports, why aren’t snooker and golf mixed together, like darts? Is a woman’s hand / eye coordination worse than that of a man?

I understand why more physical sports cannot be mixed together like soccer and tennis, but what about female F1 drivers? The race also seems to come into play, with Lewis Hamilton being the only colored driver.

I hope my children grow up to be adults in a world where the color of their skin or whether or not they have breasts will not affect their chances in life.

Unfortunately, many in the media world disagree.


Paper cuts, snagging nails, biting the tongue and minor burns. Harmless wounds that blimmin ‘badly!

I touched a roasting pan with my middle finger on Sunday, it hurts. The next morning I had a blister and by lunch time it had burst and liquid started to squirt.

Then the skin peeled away, revealing fresh, raw skin. Forty-eight hours later, my finger was still throbbing. I keep hitting him too, breaking the skin further.

Apparently I should have held it under cold water for 10 minutes because if you don’t then the residual heat means your skin is still burning.

The problem is, I feel like I keep offending people when I show them the burn as I lift my middle finger!


The used car market is indeed buoyant because the production problems of electronic chips lead to a shortage of new cars which affects all manufacturers. Used car prices are rising almost as much as gasoline.

You may remember that I bought a boy-racer car after a dealership wanted to buy my seven-seater car. Now our other dealership wants to buy back our other car.

We’re halfway through a financing deal so I was surprised to find out that we have £ 3,000 of equity in our Vauxhall. As I now scare pigeons and cyclists with my exhaust, we decided to take advantage of the Grandland and have another seven places before the market bursts. Make hay while the sun is shining.

A message from the editor, Mark Waldron.

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