Naga Shaurya on romantic comedy ‘Varudu Kaavalenu’ and physical transformation of sports drama ‘Lakshya’


Naga Shaurya talks about his new romantic comedy “Varudu Kaavalenu” and the physical transformation of sports drama “Lakshya”

A 30-year-old girl seen as stubborn is under pressure from the family to get married. She hates conventional matchmaking and crosses paths with an NRI who thinks the same. When actor Naga Shaurya heard the story of Varudu Kaavalenu told by director Lakshmi Sowjanya, he recalled conversations in the circles of his friends. The actor describes Varudu Kaavalenu, which hits theaters on October 30, as a romantic comedy that recalls real-life events.

Over the course of her ten-year career, Shaurya has been part of a handful of romantic dramas, including Oohalu Gusagusalade, Kalyana Vaibhogame and Jyo Achyutananda. “I had made the conscious decision to move away from love affairs and my chocolate boy image with Aswasthama (2020), but when Lakshmi told this story, it felt real. Men and women in their early 30s are under pressure to get married. The chatter around them doesn’t stop until they get married. Such a story has the potential to appeal to all families, ”says Shaurya.

Choice of life

Naga Shaurya in 'Varudu Kaavalenu'

He plays an NRI architect who visits India and meets the girl’s family (Ritu Varma). Shaurya appreciates the way the parent characters were written, especially the father played by Murali Sharma: Run. It would be wonderful if every woman had such an understanding parent.

Lakshmi had asked Shaurya to be himself for Varudu…: “I think for about 60% of my character, I just had to be myself.”

Shaurya admits that writers and directors often approach her with urban romantic comedies and shrugs: “I don’t consider myself romantic. But when I get these stories, I decide which story is entertaining me. It must either make me laugh, cry, or sympathize with the main characters. If I am not entertained or convinced, there is no way I can make the viewers understand.

Shaurya had strengthened himself for Aswathama but lost 16 kilograms to get lean and fit for Varudu Kaavalenu: “I wanted to look like a newlywed, not a bodybuilder. When I tucked in my shirts and t-shirts, I didn’t want to look bulky.

Fitness overload

The process would have been simple but for the sports drama Lakshya, directed by Santhossh Jagarlapudi, he was working at the same time. “Lakshya is the first Indian archery film to my knowledge. I have four different looks in the movie and during the four months of confinement in 2020, I go to the gym regularly, ”says Shaurya.

Naga Shaurya in 'Lakshya'

He had been training intermittently for Aswathama, but I wanted to look agile and muscular with eight pack abs for Lakshya: “I became addicted to sports. If I didn’t spend two to three hours in the gym, I would feel miserable. The lockdown kept expanding and every time it ended I wanted to look different, ”he laughs.

The transformation justified a change in lifestyle. Shaurya would wake up at 4.30am, stick to his workouts which were designed to include strength, conditioning, and cardio, and his diet included home-cooked protein and veg, and he would go to bed. at 9 pm: “I enjoyed the disciplined lifestyle. . ”

Ritu Varma and Naga Shaurya in 'Varudu Kaavalenu'

Learning archery, Shaurya says, was not a challenge. He had been a state level cricketer and national level basketball player in his youth: “I have a knack for learning the basics of any new sport in a matter of days. Hand-eye coordination comes naturally to me.

Growing up he wanted to be a cricketer like Sachin Tendulkar. Fate had different plans: “Career goals kept changing and I finally became an actor. “

Although Shaurya is chatty, he won’t reveal more about Lakshya, slated for theatrical release on November 12.

Before signing, he comes back to talk about Varudu Kaavalenu and said wistfully: “I would love to be part of a movie like A star is born if it had to be done in Telugu.


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