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Coimbatore: K Nazeer Ahamed of Kuniyamuthur, an avid stamp and coin collector, started collecting miniature Qurans, fascinated by the one his father bought in Makkah in 1994.
The 53-year-old is now in possession of nine miniature Qurans of various sizes, the smallest measuring just 1.2 inches x 1.2 inches.
Nazeer is particularly proud of the credit card sized one. “All the verses of the Quran are engraved on both sides of the card using a laser. They can only be read using a lens,” he told TOI.
“Texas-based Talal Itani had made 200 credit-card-sized Qurans in 2000, which he sold for $40 each. I read about them in a Tamil magazine and sent a letter to Itani congratulating him. He wanted to take a look at the article. I sent him a copy of the article and to my surprise I received a credit card sized Quran in return,” Nazeer said.
When he made the hajj pilgrimage in 2014, Nazeer visited the King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex and saw the Quran in 39 languages ​​on display. “Seeing one in Tamil was a proud moment for me. Every time someone I know went to hajj, I would ask them to buy interesting Qurans,” he said.
Nazeer, however, prefers to use a full-sized Quran because he has trouble reading small print. “I receive many visitors, who are eager to take a look at my Quran collection. But holy books are for reading, not for display. Visitors could also damage them.
Nazeer also has a penchant for collecting stamps, including those depicting mosques and the Koran. He has an extensive collection of Mahatma Gandhi stamps and has won awards at stamp shows.

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