Nerdcraft Games LLC unveils ‘AnARKey TCG’


Nerdcraft Games LLC. revealed AnARKey TCGa new post-apocalyptic TCG tied to an upcoming original comic series, which will launch at GAMA Expo 2023.

AnARKey is a two-player TCG that combines elements of tabletop skirmish games and deck-building into an all-new gameplay system. In this game, players will build a 60-card deck for their wasteland tribe, based on a leader. Ideally, players’ decks consist of Followers, Characters, Events, and special Quick Event cards that will help them defeat their opponent’s leader. Each tribe leader has special abilities that can strengthen their tribe, as they attack other tribes. Attack and defense are accomplished by rolling D6s, which adds an additional element of randomness to the game beyond deck randomization.

At GAMA Expo 2023, Nerdcraft will offer the first two-player starter box for the game. The set comes with two 60-card decks representing the first two factions (Wondering Cannibals and the Good o’l Boys), a booklet of rules, 6 D6 dice and 2 foil Leader cards. It has an estimated MSRP of $39.99. Additionally, ahead of GAMA Expo 2023 in April, Nerdcraft will release issue #1 of a comic for the game which has a limited print run and exclusive GAMA variant cover limited to just 500 copies.

The company also has several other products in the works. AnARKey. By Gen Con 2023, they plan to release a new starter deck and make two-player starter set factions available as individual starters. A comic strip will also accompany this release. In December 2023, they plan to release their first booster display and their final starter deck of the year. They also plan to make a miniatures game and an RPG for this IP.

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