New exciting partnership with Make a Will Online


We’ve partnered up with Make a Will Online, a digital platform that allows our community in England and Wales to write wills for free from the comfort of their own home. Choosing to write their will with Make a Will Online will give our supporters confidence that their will is written and verified by a qualified lawyer.

Making a Will Online guides our community through the will writing process, giving them the opportunity to really think about their intentions and take them at their own pace. This is available to all supporters and users of The Charity’s services without any obligation to include a donation to The Charity in their will.

We are committed to being there for our community every step of the way. Receiving a brain tumor diagnosis can raise a lot of questions with a lot of unknown answers. But we are determined to make it as easy as possible for our supporters and service users to get their affairs in order and give them the opportunity to write a will for free.

“I had been thinking about writing my will for a while, when we first started reviewing wills online as part of our offering to our community, I wondered why not give it a try. Setting up my will online was so quick and easy and I really don’t know when I would have done it if the digital option wasn’t available.

“I am now confident that my loved ones are taken care of and I was able to leave a small gift for the Brain Tumor Charity as part of my legacy.” Melanie Day, Brain Tumor Charity Worker

There is no requirement for our supporters to include a gift to the Brain Tumor Charity in their wills, but we are very grateful to anyone who does. We are making extraordinary progress with the support of people who remembered us in their wills many years ago. They allowed us to:

  • Invest over £ 50million in cutting-edge, world-class research
  • Launch BRIAN, our revolutionary app and database to accelerate progress towards a cure.
  • Support thousands of people affected by brain tumors each year.
  • Cut the average UK child diagnosis time in half with our HeadSmart campaign.

Just imagine what our supporters can help us achieve over the next few decades.

We are the only charity dedicated to defeating brain tumors on all three fronts: supporting everyone affected by a brain tumor, campaigning for change and funding vital research. So when our supporters remember the Brain Tumor Charity in their wills, they can be sure that they are making the biggest difference for everyone who faces this disease – now and in the future.

“We all have our own reasons for wanting to fundraise, but I think most people want to do something now, tomorrow or next week. I was the same, but since I visited a lab and saw the time, money, and resources required for the smallest breakthrough, it made me think about the future. Alex, who raises funds in memory of his mother.

Our supporters can start writing their wills for free online today here.

Or, if they have your own lawyer, they can go talk to them about updating their will with a donation to The Brain Tumor Charity. The will drafter will only need our charity name and registered charity number: The Brain Tumor Charity. Registered Charity Number: 1150054. It is then up to the supporter to decide on the size and type of gift they wish to give.

Always seek independent legal advice if you have any questions or concerns when using an online will drafting service. We recommend that you use the Law Society’s database to find a trusted law professional here

Thank you for your support.


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