New miniature golf course opens at Mill Pond Park


Newington Department of Parks and Recreation press release:

April 21, 2021

The Newington Parks and Recreation Department today announced the opening of the newly established 9-hole miniature golf course at Mill Pond Park, off Garfield Street. The miniature golf course is a COVID-safe activity that can be played outdoors! All state COVID remediation protocols will be in place. Clubs and balls will be disinfected after each party uses them. Golf clubs and golf balls will be offered at the Parks and Recreation office and / or pool house at Mill Pond Park. Please note that those who come to pick up golf clubs and golf balls to play, will need to provide their driver’s license / ID or will need to be accompanied by an adult who provides their driver’s license / ID . The driver’s license / identity document will be returned to them upon return of the equipment.

The fun begins on Saturday, May 15, 2021 with a miniature golf tournament at 11 a.m. The tournament is a fundraiser for life. Be in it. Extravaganza Fireworks Fund. The fee will be $ 5.00 per person and quartets must register in advance. “We try to encourage and foster quality family time together outdoors in a safe environment,” said Bill DeMaio, Superintendent of Parks and Recreation for Newington. There are three categories in which to play for the tournament. The first category is the “Family” category (program # 2120027-A1). The family quartet can be made up of one adult and three children or two adults and two children. The second is the “Open” category (program # 2120027-B1) which consists of an adult quartet aged 18 and over. The third category is the “Children” category (program # 2120027-C1) which consists of a quartet comprising four children aged 8 to 15 years. The first and second prizes will be awarded to the two best quartets with the lowest combined scores in each category. The prizes will be a $ 20.00 gift card for 1st place and a $ 10.00 gift card for 2nd place, per quartet, at the brand new Community Café, the snack bar located in the new Community Center. from Mortensen. The menu includes dishes such as hot dogs, chicken fillets and mouthwatering sauces, popcorn, soft serve ice cream, nachos, pretzels, and soft drinks.

But wait, there is more! Anyone who signs up for the miniature golf tournament will receive a free train between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on the multi-colored five-car trackless train. This train is a new merry-go-round that can carry between 16 and 20 children / adults. “The train will circle Mill Pond Park and play lively train songs throughout the trip,” said Bill DeMaio. Those wishing to take the train who are not registered for the miniature golf tournament can purchase tickets for only $ 3.00 per person.

Come have fun on Saturday May 15th! You can easily register online at Come see the new COVID safety programs that the Newington Parks and Recreation Department is offering to our residents. Sponsors who wish to display their name prominently on the train or at the miniature golf tournament should contact Bill DeMaio at the Newington Parks and Recreation office at 860-665-8666. Also see the summer program guide for more information. Remember that with Newington Parks and Recreation, we are “building a strong community”!

This press release was produced by the Newington Parks and Recreation Department. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.


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