New York Yankees Sluggers’ Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton at similar pace to historic 2017 season


CHICAGO — By acquiring Giancarlo Stanton from the Marlins in December 2017, the Yankees issued a warning to Major League Baseball’s pitching teams.

New York was adding the National League’s Most Valuable Player, a juggernaut coming off a 59-home run season, to a roster with another larger-than-life ballplayer who is testing Statcast limits with a bat in his hands.

Mixing Stanton with reigning rookie of the year Aaron Judge, who also racked up a historic home run total in 2017, created a dynamic duo ready to break striped records, rivaling the M&M Boys and members of Murderers’ Row.

Judge and Stanton showed flashes in their next four seasons as teammates — campaigns riddled with injuries and early playoff starts — but they never walked through the doors to start a season the way they did. done this spring.

In fact, in the first 32 games of the 2022 season – leading the Yankees to the best record in baseball – both hitters are producing at a rate eerily similar to their numbers at this point in 2017.

Judge, who finished second in the AL MVP award race in his first full season with New York, is currently on pace for 61 homers in 2022.

Aaron Judge entering the game on May 14 (in 2017 and 2022)


Judge Aaron in 2017

.315 (35-for-111)







Aaron judges in 2022

.305 (36 for 118)







In the case of Judge, each of these two samples consists of exactly 31 games played.

Stanton, on the other hand, had played a few more games for Miami at this stage of 17. Nevertheless, his numbers so far this year are also virtually identical to this magical campaign.

Giancarlo Stanton enters the game on May 14 (in 2017 and 2022)


Giancarlo Stanton in 2017

.259 (35 for 135)







Giancarlo Stanton in 2022

.284 (33 for 116)







Judge and Stanton both started their first season together at a similar pace, but had played more games from May 14, since Opening Day in late March. Stanton finished with 38 home runs that year while Judge missed time that summer with a broken right wrist.

This season, the catalyst for those unreal stats on offense has been the past two weeks. Both Judge and Stanton are locked down on every level and their numbers over their last 15 games prove it.

What are the other Yankees saying about these two monsters in their clubhouse?

“You look at Big G and you look at Judge, I mean, they’re pretty big humans,” third baseman Josh Donaldson said Friday. “They hit the ball extremely hard. They have pop. You could throw a softball in there and they could probably still hit it. I mean, there aren’t many parks that can hold them.”

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Yankees ace Gerrit Cole added that it’s “brutal” as a pitcher to try to navigate a formation with Judge and Stanton when they’re at their best, calling them each “unicorns.”

“I feel like they’re both in a really good position right now,” Yankees manager Aaron Boone said. “G is really starting to lock himself in here the last few days, obviously… [and] The judge just keeps getting better.”

Obviously, a comparison like this is an inexact science. So much has changed in Major League Baseball since 2017 and these two hitters weren’t on the same team back then either (Stanton was dressing for a club that only won 77 games).

Additionally, both Judge and Stanton have played the most single-season games in their careers up to this point in 2017. Stanton has appeared in 159 contests and Judge has taken the field in 155. Looking at their injury history and Boone’s tendencies to rest his players to keep them healthy, those numbers seem unlikely for this season.

Not to mention the fact that even though we’re progressing to May, it’s still a relatively small sample. Fans of opposing teams reading this are no doubt wringing their hands, thinking “talk to me in September”.

It’s hard to ignore those numbers, though. And even as some experts weigh in with their dodgy reviewsIf you watch this team every day, especially lately, it’s not hard to see how hard-hitting and composed these ballplayers are right now.

To put it another way, Judge and Stanton both lead the league in average output velocity and barrels. They are among the league leaders in Hard Hit% and expected numbers like xSLG and xwOBA.

Judge leads the league with his 12 homers coming into play on Saturday. Stanton is second in baseball with 30 RBIs.

If the story resonates with you more than the numbers put forward, get this. Judge and Stanton join Babe Ruth (14) and Lou Gehrig (10) from 1930 and Mickey Mantle (16) and Yogi Berra (12) from 1956 as the only pair of Yankees teammates in franchise history. franchise to smash more than 10 home runs in 32 games, as highlighted on Friday

Perhaps this recent scorching stretch is unsustainable. These two punchers are as streaky as they come. But if Judge and Stanton can maintain that kind of production going forward and stay on the court, they’re poised to smash their way into the record books later this fall, reminding us all of their memorable performances as five years ago.

“It was special,” Judge said, looking back on 2017 and what Stanton accomplished. “I think about the second half of 17 for him and how I was going on MLB Network and every other day I feel like he was getting another homer. Two-run homer, three-run homer runs, 2 for 3, two walks and you just couldn’t throw anything at him. Curveball, fastball, changeover, throw off the plate, up and in, it really didn’t matter.

“That’s kind of how I feel right now. It doesn’t matter where the pitch is, if he’s above the plate, he’s going to put a good swing on it.”


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