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A program that aims to achieve and ensure that people who provide unpaid care and support to others due to illness, disability, poor mental health or addiction have access to support available to them is being piloted in South Tyneside.

From this week, South Tyneside Council will work with a company called Mobilize to help identify carers and connect them with others to provide timely and relevant support. This is further proof that the Council is fulfilling its priority of supporting vulnerable groups.

The Mobilize team has personal experience in caring for a friend, family member or neighbor who they believe has helped them create a service that addresses caring for a unique way.

Using social media and digital marketing, they will aim to find 2,000 people with care roles in the borough but who do not consider themselves carers.

Working alongside the South Tyneside Adult Carers Service (STAS), Mobilize will offer a range of online support, website guides, regular email contact, online ‘virtual cups’ care course guide ” and even one-on-one support calls seven days a week.

Councilor Anne Hetherington, Senior Member for Adults, Independence and Wellbeing, said: ‘It is sad to see that many people who provide unpaid care to a relative, friend or neighbor do not do not see as caregivers and lack vital help and support. ..

“Caregivers are the unsung heroes of our communities, but without the right support they can often feel drained. By connecting them with others who can understand their situation, we hope to help them live a better and better life. more positive.”

Suzanne Bourne, Co-Founder and Head of Carer Support at Mobilise, added: “There are carers who may need advice who currently do not have access to it. The creation of a peer support network of Mobilize carers in South Tyneside will see an improvement in their wellbeing. Carers are less likely to break down and need emergency help.”

The Mobilize service is free to residents of South Tyneside and can be viewed at


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