Overwhelmed to start your business online? Consultant and coach Christine Hansen’s new book will help you work hard, play hard and keep your feet on the ground


LUXEMBOURG, March 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In his new book We mean business, premium Luxemburg business consultant and coach Christine Hansen draws on its years of experience working with online entrepreneurs to guide them through the sometimes overwhelming process of starting and growing a new business.

Hansen’s book is the source “where you get absolutely everything you need in one volume without feeling overwhelmed or out of your element,” she writes in her introduction. We mean business does not come with the promise of making you rich in 30 days. Instead, Hansen focuses on “strategy and substance,” drawn from her experience as a consultant and coach, with practical suggestions that reflect her “core true values: honesty, authenticity, and kindness.”

The new guide gives entrepreneurs Hansen’s top tips on creating a brand that reflects their values ​​and goals, finding a niche, building and running a business, marketing and raising awareness of their personal mental health during this trip. Online entrepreneurs will also learn practical business strategies that encourage sustainable growth, mindset tips and goals that will help them overcome internal mental blocks (including impostor syndrome), and the best financial practices for a profitable business.

We mean business Already receiving praise from readers, who consistently give it a five-star rating.

It was recently #1 on Amazon’s Kindle Store Business Consulting Bestseller list, #1 in the Home Business Advertising category, and #1 in the Home Business category. The book was also #1 in Amazon Sales & Sales, #1 in Advertising, #2 in Women in Business, #2 in Home Business eBooks, #3 in Small Business Books businesses, number 3 in business marketing and sales, and number 3 in business development and entrepreneurship e-books.

Hansen’s work has been featured in media such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Vogue, The Guardian, and The post of Jerusalem. On its webpage, christinemeansbusiness.com, readers can find more information about its services, Business Trippers program, and client testimonials. She hosts a podcast, “Christine is synonymous with business”, available on many podcast platforms.

We Mean Business (225 pages) is available in hardback, paperback and Kindle editions at amazon.com For more information, visit www.christinemeansbusiness.com.

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