Paris Hilton brings back the 2014 halo braid hairstyle


Think back to 2014. We’re all still mourning the loss of BBM (RIP screen muncher), Target’s Alex went viral for being, well, Target’s Alex, and you’ve just been nominated to do the dreaded SLA challenge of the ice bucket on Facebook. Ahhh good time.

But, the one cultural trend that trumps all is none other than flower crown hair accessories and halo braids. Yes, you read that right, these were trends so big that they are now basically categorized as moves. Well, not quite. But they had us all running to Topshop in hopes that we would be the next Kylie King of the UK, as well as researching every YouTube tutorial to master the fishtail braid.

And now, one celebrity who has taken us back to those days is OG reality TV queen herself, Paris Hilton. The star brings us that throwback moment where she’s seen rocking the iconic halo braid on her Instagram story, which she paired with deep side bangs and loose waves.

Now back in the day, if you were really good at it and had your hair long enough to do it, you would braid your own locks and wrap the braid around your head and behind your eyes. However, if like me, your hand-eye coordination wasn’t quite up to par with the rest of the beauty community, you would have purchased a faux hair braided headband.

Paris Hilton @parishiltoninstagram

We’re not too surprised to see Paris sporting this look, as just days ago at the Coachella Festival, she was seen wearing her hair in a half-up, half-down space bun. So it seems she brings sexy all of our favorite hairstyles are back.

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Guess it’s time to get back to YouTube and relearn how to do the fishtail braid. BRB, I can be a while.

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