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POLAND – Willow Moyer may not have mastered placing the right numbers in the right order yet, but at least she has the right numbers in mind.

“One-nine-nine,” said Willow, 5, of Poland, when asked which numbers to call in an emergency.

Nonetheless, she was one of the kids who learned the correct basics of fire safety and related emergency management, courtesy of the Western Reserve Joint Fire District, one of the vendors who made up the 14th annual Celebrate event. Poland at Village Hall, 308 S. Main St.

The all-day family gathering was to celebrate Poland Village, which was established in 1802 and incorporated in 1866 when it was a small hamlet that housed a few hundred residents. The village has more than 100 historic houses built before 1900, as well as a business district which many say is reminiscent of its beginnings.

In addition, the event was in memory of former Police Chief Russell D. Beatty, who died suddenly on August 28 at his home. Beatty, who also headed the village roads department, was 62 years old.

“She loves fire trucks; she’s always talking about fire safety, ”said Willow’s mother Helena, adding that she had eight to ten toy trucks.

The family goes camping often, including a recent trip to Cook Forest in Pennsylvania, and Willow knows how to pour water or other liquid on a fire to make sure it is completely extinguished before leaving the campsite. Plus, she knows the piercing sound of a smoke detector in the family home and knows how to get out of the house if it rings, added her father, Josh.

“We say to the kids, ‘Don’t play with matches or lighters, check your smoke detector or call the fire department to get one,'” said Bill O’Hara, a Joint Fire District fire prevention officer. , which also teaches fire safety in Polish schools.

The WRJFD also had a plethora of safety tips handy, such as dropping to the ground, rolling and straightening your legs repeatedly if their clothes caught fire; never touch a hot door during a fire; stay low to avoid smoke inhalation; periodically practice exit exercises, with at least two emergency exits; and place smoke detectors where everyone in the house can hear them.

With safety in mind, Brett Sweitzer of Flinton, Pa., Surrounded himself in wire mesh while using a chainsaw to carve a rendering of a bald eagle out of a tree stump.

Sweitzer, who runs a business called B&T Chainsaw Carvings, had several fall and Halloween-themed pumpkins and other sculptures that he painted and sold at the event. Sweitzer specializes in sculpting renderings of a variety of animals and birds, he said.

“They wanted a sculptor here, but my parents had already booked, so they asked us,” said Sweitzer’s wife Tiffany, whose parents, Benjamin and Melinda Rannels, are master sculptors.

The couple also brought their children, Adalynn, 2, and Raiden, 4 months.

A wide array of horses, goats, chickens and other animals that were part of a petting zoo were also brought to the event, much to the delight of siblings Brayden and Brooklyn Nohe from Poland, 3 and 4, respectively.

“They would ride the ponies, eat French fries and play games,” said their mother, Krystal, adding that the children were animal lovers too.

Another form of entertainment enjoyed by many participants of all ages was a Poland Idol competition in which contestants submitted their renditions of songs from several genres as a panel of three judges rated their performances on pitch, style, phrasing, diction and presentation.

“She’s my go-to artist,” said Hubbard’s Breanna Clinton, referring to pop star Adele.

As a result, 21-year-old Clinton provided her rendition of Adele’s 2011 hit “Turning Tables” and received high praise from the judges for her performance.

“It’s one of his old songs,” Clinton added.

There were many merchandise for sale, such as costume jewelry, scented soaps, baseball cards, and baked goods.

The Celebrate Poland program and additional festivities included miniature golf, a walking tour along South Main Street, a pumpkin decorating contest, sidewalk chalk drawing, parade, book sale, a market, a silent auction and fireworks.

The interpreters

Poland Idol’s competitors at Saturday’s Celebrate Poland event included:

• Logan Nicolas

• Jacob Latessa

• Justin Collingwood

• Sean Ripple

• Gary Ripple

• Suzi Patterson

• Breanna Clinton

• Bob Noble

• Anne Porter

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