Push to allow the miniature goats of Raytown to move forward


RAYTOWN, Mo. (KCTV) – Residents of Raytown can no longer share their opinions with local authorities on allowing miniature goats in their homes.

The city voted 6 to 3, approving a motion asking city staff to prepare changes to their codes in May. The community had until 2 p.m. Thursday to share their personal thoughts on whether or not to allow them.

A city spokesperson said about 40 people shared their views and most were supportive.

Margaret Chamas, owner of Storm Dancer Farm, LLC and Goats on the Go KCMO, said she wants to see more goats in residential areas.

“It takes more logistical training than dogs, but goats are a really fun animal,” she said. “I love sharing the joys of goats. So, I hope other communities allow goats on residential lots.

However, Chamas differs from the city when it comes to only allowing four breeds of miniature goats: Pygmy, Nigerian Dwarf, Kinder and Pygora.

“Honestly, in my personal experience, they’re just as likely to jump or climb under a fence as any of the larger breeds,” she said. “But, they’re extremely popular because they come in a variety of colors. They’re smaller, so it’s a lot easier to work with a new person or someone with kids who just want to introduce them to stock.

She called them escape artists, so people need to have a high, strong fenced area for them.

“It might damage someone’s precious begonias, but it’s not going to bite another human, another animal, anything like that,” she said. “In excruciatingly rare situations. They are not biting animals. They’re not aggressive, so you don’t have any of those risks with dogs.

She said vet visits are tricky because some won’t take calls from the farm. So, potential goat owners should know what the best medical responses are and have the supplies they need at home for the best care. Not just for themselves, but also for their neighbors.

“A lot of people don’t think about it until they have goats and then all of a sudden they realize they can’t go buy two or three bales of hay from Tractor Supply every week or so. So, I need to be able to store more to have a sufficient supply.

She also said they didn’t smell and made noise, but not much unless something went wrong like a dog might.

These public comments will be presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission during a discussion session on July 7th.

To read the draft ordinance authorizing miniature goats, click here.


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