Riding mower repair uncovers miniature culprit


Most people would be pretty upset if the lawn mower they spent US $ 4,000 on had a major failure within the first year of ownership. But for [xxbiohazrdxx], that was an excuse to peek under the hood and find out what brought down this cutting edge landscaping equipment.

It must be said that, at least technically, the Husqvarna TS 348XD in question was still working. It’s just that [xxbiohazrdxx] noticed that the locking differential, which is essential for maintaining traction on hilly terrain, seemed to do nothing when the switch was pressed. Since manually moving the engagement lever on the transmission locked the differential as intended, the culprit was probably in the electronics.

Dead actuator test.

As [xxbiohazrdxx] explains, the switch on the dash is connected to a linear actuator that moves the lever on the transmission. The wiring and switch were tested correctly with a multimeter, but when the actuator was connected to bench power, it did not move. Even more revealing, he was drawing no power. Certainly not a good sign. Installing a new actuator would have solved the problem, but it was an expensive part that would take a long time to arrive.

Fixing the dead actuator seemed at least worth it, so [xxbiohazrdxx] opened it. The PCB looked fine, and there were no obviously burnt out components. But when one of the internal microswitches used to limit actuator travel got stuck, it all started to make sense. With the switch locked in the closed position, the actuator believed it was already fully extended and would not move. After opening the switch itself and folding the contacts back to their proper position, everything worked as expected.

A small piece of bent metal kept this $ 4,000 machine from working properly.

As interesting as this step-by-step repair process is, what struck us the most was [xxbiohazrdxx]the determination to repair rather than replace. At several points it would have been much easier to swap a broken part for a new one, but instead the suspicious part was carefully examined and brought back to life with the tools and materials available.

While there are a lot of people who wouldn’t mind taking a few days off to work the lawn while their spare parts arrive, not everyone can afford the luxury. Quick repairs are essential when your livelihood depends on your equipment, which is why manufacturers making repairing their tractors more difficult and costly for farmers has become a major issue in battles for the right to repair everywhere. the world.


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